Test Your Vocabulary

18 Apr

How well is your vocabulary? This test below is the estimated number of entries in a standard dictionary for which you know at least one definition. How well did you do? Testyourvocab.com

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Instagram Tips For Parents

13 Apr

What is Instagram? Who can see my teens photos? If you are looking for answers to these questions follow the link below. Here are some Instagram tips from the link: Ignore people you don’t want to hear from. . Block people that bother you. Report problematic content. http://help.instagram.com/154475974694511/

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Heartbleed Status Check

12 Apr

Below is some information on the Heartbleed bug that is or was impacting certain (but not all) secure websites. The primary ones affected are those websites that used a free open-source encryption technology to cut the cost of encryption. It appears most financial and banking websites did not use this free encryption tool but I [...]

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TV Boss – Ratings Information

12 Apr

Do you know the parental TV ratings? Each time a TV show begins the symbol flashes in the corner to help you to determine if a program is suitable for your child. Below are the current TV ratings. Also below are a few tips from the website regarding curbing your TV viewing habits. TV Ratings [...]

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Firefox Download Helper

10 Apr

Need a great browser tool to manage your downloads? Are you a Firefox browser fan? You must have Firefox to use this add-on, but it will revolutionize the way to manage your downloads. This handy add-on helps not only download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites but also works also for audio [...]

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Tweet Chat

8 Apr

Did you know that Twitter can be used as chat? You may already use it like a chatroom, but did you know that now a website allows you to chat using their tool? It’s called TweetChat. How does it work? Each tweet automatically gets the hashtag added and the room auto-updates. The site says that [...]

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Readability Makes Reading Comfortable

7 Apr

Have your ever wondered what the page on the internet would look like without all the graphics? Do you dream of olden days when you could just read the words on the page without all the noise? Now you can make reading comfortable again with Readability. Readability turns any web page into a clean view [...]

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Stop Bullying Speak Up

1 Apr

I saw the commercials and the site lives up to a good resource to educate on bullying. If your child or you are in this situation, check out this site. http://stopbullyingspeakup.com/

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App Maps New Way To Travel

28 Mar

Have you tried Triplespot? The app enables you to share stories, find inspiration, explore new places and try new things. Capture your spots, organize the spots you want to explore and then discover new spots. If you are planning a trip, you should take a look at this app to map out your journey. The [...]

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What’s Your First Tweet?

22 Mar

So what was your first tweet? Did you say “Checking out Twitter?” Did you tell the world what your were listening to on your iPod? Well now you can share with the world your first tweet. Type in your Twitter name at the link below. Leading Hands just stated the obvious. Thanks to Alana for [...]

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