10 Technology Safety Tips for 2009

20 Feb

Now that your 2009 resolutions have worn off, now refocus and get your technology safety hat on. I recently read some tips by Anne Krishnan that inspired this article and to add a few of my own into the mix.

  1. Pay attention to Phishing – Ask yourself, why would your long standing bank lose your info?
  2. Watch out for pop-up ads – they won’t improve your system
  3. Don’t respond to email forwards – these quick money claims are not real
  4. Create SPAM account – create a new gmail, yahoo, etc… email account just for shopping
  5. Download new browser – Upgrade your browser to the latest IE or Mozilla for enhanced security
  6. Don’t click on every link – clickjacking is real
  7. Go hands-free – don’t text while driving
  8. Manage online profile – Google yourself and see what comes up and fix it
  9. Back-up your files – Storage is cheap, back-up your data
  10. Go Dark – Too much technology is not good, turn it off every once in awhile

Be safe online in 2009!

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