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Child Proofing Your Home

1 Jan

How do you keep your little ones safe? Consider childproofing your home. It starts by doing an assessment of each room of your home. Here are some quick tips for each room your should consider courtesy of University Hospitals.

  • Bedroom – Make sure your cribs mattress is firm and no way for child to get stuck in between matress and the crib
  • Bathroom – It only takes a few inches of water for a child to drown. keep everything within in reach
  • Stairways – Look for safety gates that can screwed into the wall
  • Laundry room – Keep detergent pods locked in a cabinet
  • Living Room – Use outlet covers and mount TVs to the wall out of reach of children
  • Dining Area – Use safety straps and keep high chair away from other other surfaces so can use feet to tip over
  • Kitchen – Only use stoves back burners. Be careful with hot liquids. Install safety locks on all cabinets
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