Archive | February, 2020

Coding Courses For Ages 8-14

27 Feb

Learning to code is important, especially for kids ages 8-14. Get the crucial skill of the 21st century and sign-up to make Minecraft mods and Roblox games with Code Kingdoms. The group makes learning coding fun.

Byte Is 6 Second Video Clips

26 Feb

Do you remember Vine? It was a seven-second video-sharing platform that shut down in 2017. Now the same creator of Vine brings you Byte which lets you create, upload, and share six-second videos. It’s a worthy competitor to TikTok, an appĀ adored by Generation Z and behind some of the internet’s most viral memes

Find Personalized Recipes With Yummly

9 Feb


Do you need a recipe? Are there any ingredients you don’t want to see in your recipes? Discover Yummly which is a personalized recipe search engine that is designed around you. Find recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Yummly constantly learns to serve you better by diving into it’s 24 million-plus recipes to find you something before you even ask.

Search Facebook’s Ad Library

6 Feb

Did you know that Facebook has an ad library? You can access all active ads. Search their comprehensive advertising library across Facebook and Instagram. As long as you have an account, you can explore the library.

Stream Music With The SiriusXM App

5 Feb

Are you a SiriusXM subscriber? Did you know that you can now stream? Check out the app.

Meditate With Technology

4 Feb

Are you trying to meditate? Muse translates your mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather to help you find focused calm. The app helps you to sleep, and melt the busy day away. My friend tried the app and enjoyed it!

Search All the Funny Memes

3 Feb

Looking for a meme? If you are searching all the funny memes and a meme generator, check out Meme. It definitely reflects everything happening in today’s society and makes you laugh.