Taproot Foundation Helps Nonprofits

Taproot Foundation helps nonprofits and social change organizations solve critical challenges in their communities with the support of skilled volunteers sharing their expertise pro bono. If you are nonprofit and need help at this time, explore this organization. They want to encourage social change organizations by connecting them with the expertise and insights of skilled […]

Mbrio Helps Moms Share Tunes During Pregnancy

According to research, playing music to unborn children babies promotes bonding. Julianne Klinger used headphones with sticky tape over her belly to play music during her pregnancy. She wondered if attaching earbuds would be easier if it could be held in place. She teamed up with her husband Jonathan to create a prototype at Sears […]

Discover Today’s Most Popular Study Guides On SparkNotes

Discover more than 500 study guides from English literature to history on SparkNotes. For example, read the full text of all Shakespeare plays, side-by-side with modern English translations. Whether you need literary study guides on History, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Film, and more, this site is for you. https://www.sparknotes.com/

Marketing Your Business During This Time

Are you looking for some ideas to keep your marketing going through these challenging times? Thunder::Tech posted some ideas on their blog. The ideas include: Clean up your client database and add new information Update your internal digital systems Put you and your team through online marketing training and certification courses you’ve been putting off […]

Nonprofit of the month: After School All-Stars

After-School All-Stars provides programs, transformative experiences, and mentoring that support students in developing skills and habits needed to succeed in life, school, and their future careers. This program helps kids stay active and help them succeed in school and life. They are one of the largest free school-based after-school program providers in the country. https://afterschoolallstars.org/ […]