Archive | August 1, 2020

Abelton Recording Software Helps Artists Achieve Dreams

1 Aug

Learn how Steve Duda discusses the practice of creating audio software and virtual instruments using Abelton recording software. Discover how choosing the right synth plug-ins and recording software can make an impact. Explore Abelton and start making beautiful music.

Nonprofit of the Month – Village Bicycle Cooperative

1 Aug

Donate your bicycle and make a difference! The Village Bicycle Cooperative aims is to teach people how to ride safely, how to maintain their bicycles, and how to use bicycles for transportation. They accept new and used donated bicycles, repair them where necessary, and then performing a safety check. If the bikes pass the safety check, they are then offered for sale to the public or donated to those in need through partner charities. The majority of our bicycles are under $100, but occasionally they have something special to offer that breaks that rule.