4 Tips on Phone Security

Now that you got that new mobile phone for the holidays, how do you keep it safe? The rules for keeping both iOS and Android secure are exactly the same:

  • Install updates as soon as they’re available. This is harder on Android as some OEMs are really bad about pushing patches.
  • Don’t jailbreak/root. Doing this is intentionally breaking the security of the affected OS – it also generally means you can’t install updates.
  • Don’t install apps from 3rd party appstores. Almost all of the smartphone hacks you see start with “an app on Chinese-run appstore…” just don’t do it. Google, Apple, Amazon only.
  • Practice safe browsing. The same things that make your computer vulnerable, make your phone vulnerable.

If you follow these tips and you should be golden. Don’t bother with anything claiming to be antivirus or security software for your phone. Security software needs to run at a permissions level that just isn’t possible on a non-rooted/jailbroken device in order to be effective. It’ll just end up causing you problems and providing no protection.

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