5 Classroom Apps for Teachers

8 Feb

Are you a teacher? Do you need some apps to keep your classroom organized? Here are some apps we saw on Education World that you might like to use in the classroom.


  • Teachers can build classrooms with student and course data, take attendance with the tap of a touchscreen, as well as take quick behavior notes to monitor classroom performance and participation. The app provides a full gradebook (with weighting options), and report summaries for parents and guardians, all backed up to the Cloud.
  • Price: Subscription


  • With ClassDojo you can build a classroom, take attendance, and store general student information. Although ClassDojo doesn’t include a formal gradebook or reports section, it does add some cool communication tools. With ClassDojo, you can privately message parents using their email or phone number through the app.
  • Price: Free


  • With Remind, you can add students and parents to a class by sharing an email link or by simply having them send a text to your Remind username using their devices. The beauty of using communicators like this is your ability to communicate through the app while maintaining your private phone number.
  • Price: Free

Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom is free for all schools signed up for Google’s Apps for Education (which is also…free). In short, if you are already using Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Sites, you need this app. Google Classroom streamlines the submission process for these features by allowing teachers to build classroom folders, give online grades and feedback, post conversations and announcements, ad share classroom calendars.
  • Price: Free


  • PowerTeacher is your all-in-one organizing system. Create classes, take and track attendance, monitor grades, keep detailed student and parent information, and print complete reports. Students and parents can download the PowerSchool app to access the gradebook, attendance reports, check the school’s calendar, read announcements, and contact educators and administrators. It’s a phenomenal gradebook system that seems to improve yearly.
  • Price: Suscription


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