A Non-Profit That Helps Other Non-Profits With Tech

Technology is everywhere. It can be used for good, if you know how. Keeping up with the breathless rush of technological change can be one challenge. Knowing how to best leverage technology for the betterment of your organization can be another.

Leading Hands is here to help.

Leading Hands Through Technology (LHTT) is a non-profit organization providing technical training and assistance to other non-profits. We help you assess what tech your organization may need, find the hardware/software, and train your stuff on how to use it.

As well as providing actual technology (donated & recycled tablets, computers, etc), we can also provide high-level strategy regarding how utilize technology to make the most positive impact possible.

Started in 2005 as an online resource to educate families and give parents knowledge to keep up with their kids on the latest tech trends. Now LHTT works to help nonprofit organizations so they can continue to help others achieve their dreams.

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