Common List of Hashtags

What is a hashtag? Think of a hashtag as a kind of shorthand for social networking. You use this shorthand to describe your conversion so that it’s marked for others so they can at a glance know what you’re talking about. You generally start with a “#” sign and then your word(s). For example in Twitter if you talking about NASCAR, you would type your comment and “#nascar” and so it has context. Once you tag your conversation, it then serves as a great way to search for conversations. Search Hashtags now to see what people are talking about.

Common hashtag terms:

  • #10morepounds,Goal of losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks.
  • #24, the popular Fox TV show starring Kiefer Sutherland
  • #barkhunt,A treasure hunt type game played on Twitter. The prizes are awarded by 4 sites that sell dog products.
  • #bblv,Beer and Blog in Las Vegas is a meet up held weekly for local people to talk web sites, blogging, and socialize.
  • #BSG,Battlestar Galactica, popular sci-fi TV show.
  • #CFES,Canadian Federation of Engineering Students
  • #cp24,is the City Pulse 24/7 news channel. http//www.cp24.com/
  • #define,Used to define the meaning of a word.
  • #earthhour,Held on the last saturday of March, meant to increase awareness on steps needed to combat climate change
  • #eveonline,Eve Online, popular MMOG famous for having one seamless world.
  • #followfriday,Twitter phenomena where Twitterers recommend other Twitterers to follow
  • #food,Everyone loves twittering about food they are eating (or about to)
  • #glennbeck,Bombastic Right-Wing Host, formerly on CNN now on FoxNews
  • #iphone,Apple’s popular mobile phone.
  • #jobs, the search for employment has been on the increase
  • #lost,Popular TV serial TV show involving people who crashed on an island
  • #musicmonday, the annoucement of new music to kick of the week
  • #nascar,people twittering about Nascar races and drivers. All things to do with the sport of nascar.
  • #newyork,Ambiguously used to refer to both New York City and the state of New York.
  • #nra,National Rifle Association,
  • #nsfw,Not safe for Work
  • #nyc,New York City
  • #obama,Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America
  • #officemax,OfficeMax, large and popular office supply store. Competitor of #staples
  • #pawparty,A Twitter party for all those with Paws (or hoofs)! Birthdays, holidays, the critters just wanna have fun.
  • #qy700,a hardware MIDI sequencer made by Yamaha. http//www.vintagesynth.com/yamaha/qy700.php
  • #quote, your favorite saying or the famous wise words of widsom
  • #seattle,a beautiful spot where it rains nearly 200 days a year–no kidding.
  • #startrek”, a popular science fiction TV and film series
  • #sxsw,South by Southwest – collection of interactive, film, and music festivals that takes place yearly in Austin.
  • #twitterfail, the announcement that Twitter is down or disagreemnt on their decisions
  • #tucson,City in Arizona
  • #writer,one who uses a pen, pencil, or computer to convey thoughts
  • #writing,The practice of moving your fingers to create words and convey ideas

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