Open Source Revolution

by Marc Majers

Free legal software is everywhere today due to the open source revolution. Thousands of developers from around the world are constantly building software in the belief that programs should be free for all. There is a consortium of intelligent computer users that believe the software we use to run our computers shouldn’t be subject to control by the big guys. However, there is one caveat when it comes to free software. There is always a threat that the free program you are downloading could have malicious code hidden inside it that could be activated crippling your computer. This is not the most pleasant thing to think about, but it could be a possibility.

Below is a list of potential programs I have used that are free to use:

Audio Editor:
Audacity –
(This program is owned by Adobe and isn’t open source, however the free version works great.)

File Conversion
Power Archiver –
7Zip –

Smart FTP –

Graphic Software

Invoice Creation
Bamboo Invoice –

PDF995 –
Go2PDF –

Screen Capture Software
ScreenHunter –

Video Editor
ZS4 Video Editor –

Video Player
VLC Player –

Virus Protection

Virus Scanning
SpyBot Search and Destroy –

Web Stat Counter
Stat Counter –
Google Analytics –

Word Processing:
Open Office –

Tiny MCE

Please contact us to add your favorite open source program.
This page was last updated on 9/16/09.

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