Search Engine Phenomenon

What is your favorite search engine? According to a recent Pew Internet report, using a search engine is slowly becoming the #1 activity online. The use of email remains strong as the most popular activity however search engine use is dramatically increasing. Most Internet users don’t bother even using the address bar to travel to another website, even if they know the URL, they prefer to just type it into their favorite search engine.

Below is an ever growing list of the most popular search engines and other specialty search engines.

AltaVista – One of the first engines
Ask – aka Ask Jeeves or AJ
Dogpile – Originator of engines
Google – The most popular engine
Lycos – Another originator
MSNLive – The third popular
Yahoo – The second popular


Conglomate Search
Scour – Many at once

BlueWine – Discover Wine

Job Engines:
Indeed – Job search

Make a Difference Engines:
Good Search
Search Kindly

Marketing Engines:
Yureekah – ads side-by-side

Cha Cha

Music Engines:
MusicGama – Find songs
Pollstar – Search for concerts
Seeqpod – Stream music
Skreemr – Find songs to download
Songza – Find songs to download
UBL – Discover Band Info

People Engines:
Pipl – Search court records, etc..
Spock – Social Network
Zaba – People Search

Real Estate

Regional Engines
ClevelandRocks – Cleveland favorite

Visual Engines:
Cuil – 3 column results
Kartoo – 3d search results
LivePlasma – Music and Movies

Search Engine Relationship Chart

Do you have any to add to our search engine list?

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