Augmented reality iPhone & iPads apps

11 Apr

What is augmented reality? Augmented reality is when the real world is enhanced with digital information. When you view your surroundings through your camera, you’ll see anything from restaurant locations and reviews to star constellations. Below are some apps that bring augmented reality to life. Do you have any apps add?

  • Spyglass is a powerful toolkit for the outdoors to track your position in real-time.
  • Robotvision helps search for nearby locations, restaurants, and points of interest by using Bing search.
  • Cyclopedia – overlays Wikipedia information over the viewfinder
  • Star Chart – show you what stars you are looking at.
  • Golfscape GPS Rangefinder finds your position on the golf course.
  • SnapShop Showroom help you visualize what a piece of furniture would like in your home.
  • Augmented Car Finder helps you find where you parked your car.
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