August is Recycle Your Computer Month

Is that’s time of the year again where you have the opportunity to get rid of that outdated hunk of metal you call your computer and recycle it. Cuyahoga County residents can recycle their unwanted computer equipment at over 40 participating city service departments during this campaign.

Household equipment will be accepted including CPUs, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, terminals, modems, software, cell phones and accessories, and ink printer cartridges. No televisions or other electronics will be accepted. All equipment collected will be taken to RET3 job corp, a non-profit computer recycling and refurbishing company based in Cleveland.

RET3 has partnered with OneCommunity, a local not-for-profit broadband provider that works to give students technology skills for the workplace and, in turn, drive economic development in the region. OneCommunity Green Computing has a goal of putting 50,000 computers in Northeast Ohio schools over the next five years. Businesses with large amounts of computers to dispose of should contact RET3 job corp. at (216) 361-9991.

For a list of participating cities or additional information about Recycle Your Computer Month, log onto www.cuyahogaswd.org/residents/comprec.asp or call the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District at (216) 443-3749.

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