Facebook Just Changed Your Email Without Asking

E-mail sent to your @Facebook address goes to your Facebook in-box, but you don’t get a notification e-mail to say it’s there. Furthermore, Facebook doesn’t pass your email through their servers and fails to send you a copy. Many Facebook users are complaining. How to change Facebook email settings back: Go to your Timeline. Click […]

We Know What You’re Doing

Who wants to get fired? Who’s hung over? Who’s taking drugs? Who’s got a new phone number? Callum Haywood created an experiment to pull down public Facebook statuses, Foursquare location updates, Facebook checkins and contact information changes. He is calling his social experiment “We Know What You’re Doing”. If you think your status exclaiming what […]

iPad Kiosk

Are you looking for a new interactive way to connect with your consumers? Whether you are in retail or planning your next trade show, you should consider an iPad Kiosk. For $495, you can purchase a Lilipad which securely locks in your iPad and gives you the flexibility to design an interactive experience. Read full […]

Collaborate, Save Time with SmartSheet

Guest Blogger Mike Kimmel gives us his review of a new Excel-like product that will revolutionize the way you work. ~ Marc SmartSheet is a fantastic collaborative tool that allows for the creation of shared project (Gantt chart-based), and shared task lists. Either kind of lists can be formatted in a number of powerful ways. […]