Be A Super Hero

21 Sep

I recently watched a fantastic commencement speech by Bill Preimer the CEO of Hyland, creator of OnBase.  In his address, he told the graduating class that in order to make it in the world you need to exhibit four qualities that all super heroes hold. I think this speech touched me because as a kid I always wanted to be the Greatest American Hero. Ralph Hinckley was given a super suit by aliens (green guys) to wrong the right but lost the directions on how to use it. Ralph along with his FBI agent pal Maxwell had to continually figure out the powers of the suit in each episode. The team continually possessed the four qualities below and I tried to do the same to be the Greatest American Hero.

Super Heroes have these four qualities:

  1. Extraordinary ability
  2. Conviction
  3. Mission to serve
  4. Courage

Set yourself off on the right path by acting like a super hero! You can catch Bill’s speech around 30 minutes into the video.

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