Best iPad & iPhone Apps for Parents

A few years ago, I told you about Yappler, a site dedicated to sharing the best of the best iPhone apps. Now fastfoward, the site just published the best iPad apps for parents. Do you have any to add?

Best iPad & iPhone Apps for Parents

  • Chore Bank – track allowance, chore completion and spending money
  • iEmergency ICE Family PRO = access to your family’s medical information
  • Safe Driver – documents acceleration, braking, cornering and speed
  • FBI Child ID – convenient place to electronically store photos and vital information about your kids
  • My 9 Months – a guide to a healthy pregnancy
  • Find My Kids Footprints – track your kids and privately share locations with family and friends
  • Kids In Mind – movie Reviews for Families = objective and complete information about a film’s content
  • Food Additives 2 – find out which food additives are considered safe or not
  • A Parent’s App For Healthy Kids – track how many servings of each food group have been fed to your loved ones
  • CareZone Mobile – manage private information about a child, parent or other family member
  • Baby Monitor HD – watch and listen to 4 cameras simultaneously and monitor your babies from anywhere
  • Channel One News for Parents – covers national and world events, politics, science, technology and human interest stories
  • PowerSchool for Parents – real-time access to student information


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