Blogs are Dead

23 Feb

A recent pew study released says that “Blogs are Dead!” Last year Wired stated that “The Web is Dead” and now blogs are passe. The study attributes the loss to the gravitation to Facebook and Twitter. It states that “only half as many online teens work on their own blog as did in 2006, and Millennial generation adults ages 18-33 have also seen a modest decline.” More people are having success posting their thoughts, videos, podcasts, etc… up on social media website. But why can't you have your cake and eat it too?

I am constantly surprised that people forget that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo are free websites. What do you get for free? I guess if you are posting to free Blog websites, then my point is moot. However, if you are a blogger then you need to figure out how to bridge the gap between the two mediums. The bottom line is that when it's free, the social networks like Facebook are free to do what they want with your information. One day the event will occur where they go out of business or they are sold. Where is your website?

Here is a recent article from the Daily Blogger that stresses “Why brands shouldn’t trust Facebook“. It's not about what's the hottest trend, it's about what makes most sense for your business. Relying on free is never the answer and Facebook is free.

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