Bring on Web 3.0, What’s Next?

President Obama is revamping technology, so we should also plan to rebuild the information superhighway. We need a system that is measured in gigabtyles, not megabytes. The Great Depression jump started the roads in 1930s, this economic struggle could reignite information superhighway in the 2010s.  If a massive amount of investment is put into the web, then this current stage of the Web era will jump into version 3.0.

What will Web 3.0 represent?

  • Increased Speed – The average page will load in fractions of a second.
  • The End of Net Neutrality – You will have limited websites based on your ISP. Certain Internet Source Providers will make deals with specific websites to only appear on their network. Think TV networks, but you’ll pay for access to certain websites.
  • State Sales Tax on All Items Sold – Right now you only pay if you buy in your state, but what’s stopping the government to enforce tax on everything you buy on the web?
  • Too Much User Based Information – Users need help from the experts again because their is now too much content. What information can I trust on Wikipedia?
  • Need of Secondary Validation – User ratings Not need 2nd Tier of Security. There are 100 ratings on TripAdvisor and 2 are bad reviews, how do I know the validity of those bad reviews?
  • Increased Mobile Use – Phones will be used as central computers and surpass laptop use.
  • Increased Geotracking – Why are you now?  You’ll be able to see at all times where everyone you know is physically located.

What do you think the future of the web will hold?

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