Getting Started with a Side Gig

How to Freelance Your Way to Financial Freedom If you haven’t heard of the gig economy yet, you soon will. The so-called “gig economy” refers to the current rise of popularity and success in short-term, contract, or freelance work. This is in stark contrast to the traditional economy, which primarily depends upon salaried workers and […]

Where Do You Dispose of a Car Seat?

Do you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and have an old car seat you need to dispose of? Car seats have expiration dates and they only last a few years. Instead of throwing it out, have you considered recycling it? If so, here are some car seat locations in the Northeast Ohio area. http://www.injurypreventioncenter.com/programs/car-seat-recycling-location

August is Recycle Your Computer Month

Is that’s time of the year again where you have the opportunity to get rid of that outdated hunk of metal you call your computer and recycle it. Cuyahoga County residents can recycle their unwanted computer equipment at over 40 participating city service departments during this campaign. Household equipment will be accepted including CPUs, monitors, […]