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Blog Luvin Gives Users Updates

10 Mar

Would you like to get reminders when your favorite blog gets updated? The ability to receive reminders is available for complimentary use over at Blog Luvin. Never miss a blog update again and save time visiting sites that haven’t been updated. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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Reporter Turned Mommy Blog

23 Aug

Kathleen DiPiero is a former TV news reporter turned mommy and her blog explores her new family adventures. She was an anchor/reporter in three states (WTAP-TV Parkersburg, WV, News 14 Carolina inCharlotte, and most recently, WJW Fox8 in Cleveland.) Now married, Kathleen shares how her life has changed. From a parenting perspective her stores are [...]

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How Do You Cite Tweet?

23 Jun

Are you writing that final research paper and need to cite a Twitter reference? The Atlantic Journal recently put together an excellent synopsis on how to properly cite a tweet in a research paper. Spoiler Alert* Last Name, First Name (User Name). “The tweet in it’s entirety.” Date, Time, Tweet.

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Three Blog Writing Tips

3 Nov

I have been a blogger going strong for over seven years. Waking up every morning and putting together your thoughts for the world to read isn’t easy. I recently read a post that suggested some blog writing tips. The article inspired me to hone in on my top three bullet points to get your blog [...]

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Are you an iReporter?

16 Oct

CNN has got into the “i” game by introducing the “iReport”. This feature is part of their website where people take part in the news with CNN. You become an official reporter for CNN and your stories are screened before they post. Essentially the section of the site is being an official blogger for CNN. [...]

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Blogs are Dead

23 Feb

A recent pew study released says that “Blogs are Dead!” Last year Wired stated that “The Web is Dead” and now blogs are passe. The study attributes the loss to the gravitation to Facebook and Twitter. It states that “only half as many online teens work on their own blog as did in 2006, and [...]

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Manage Twitter with FlashTweet

3 Apr

How many people are you following on Twitter? If you are like most Tweeters you are following hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. Now there is a third party tool called FlashTweet that helps you effectively manage your Twitter account. How does FlashTweet work? The website simplifies the process of adding and removing your Twitter friends. [...]

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Feedblitz – Turn Blog Posts Into Emails

13 Feb

Bloggers are you looking for another way to connect to your audience? Feed Blitz will turn your blog post into email format. It creates a managed and legal email list. An ad free version starts at $10 a month. The interface of Feed Blitz is not the greatest, but it does track clicks, opens and [...]

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