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The Holderness Family

7 Aug

Are you looking for something else to get you through this time? The Holderness Family offers music, comedy, health, and marriage tips. Recently they started a Family Fauxlympic Games. These games can be done around your house to keep yourself active. Discover some to keep the kids entertained and something to enrich your life with this fun family.

I Can Has Cheeseburger?

3 Mar


Explore the world’s largest collection of cat memes and other animals on I Can Has Cheeseburger? Over the years the site has grown to include other popular memes but it still stays true to its passion. Discover it for yourself!

Office Meeting Inspiration

3 Aug

Are you looking for ways to get motivated in the office? I found an artist that creates daily desk calendars and published some free activities you can try on her website. The calendars were inspired by her friends, family, co-workers and bosses.

Supress Writer’s Block

9 Jan

Do you need help figuring out how to use a word in a sentence? I use online tools like dictionaries and thesauruses for word inspiration when I am writing. However there are times when I find myself needing more. I recently stumbled upon the Dictionarist website, it offers examples of how a word you might be stuck on could look like in a sentence. The site is primarily a word translation site, but I find it extremely valuable for sentence suggestions. It can translate English-Spanish, Spanish-English, English-Chinese, and Chinese-English for example.If you are like me, this online tool can help give you an extra push over the edge during writer’s block.

New Destination For Art, Culture & Tech News

17 Oct

A unique trait of Web 3.0 is curated content; there is simply too much Internet content and you need experts to point out the best of it. Have you thought of how many blogs there are out there? Notey is a blog search engine. Notey features articles from bloggers around the world offering the best stories in art, technology and design. Read the top stories, take some quizzes and get a new perspective.

When’s The Last Time We Talked?

2 Aug

How do you keep track of the last time you spoke to one of your friends? In this day and age, you probably have many circles of friends – work, personal, organizations and school. How often do you touch base with your friends? Do you forget to contact them for ages? I can imagine your friend may wonder, “Are we even friends anymore?” Now there is a social application called TinyBlu that allows you enter in the last time you spoke to someone. If you don’t text or email them again, you will then get an email notice that reminds you to get a hold of them again. I like the fact that you can quick visual of each friend’s mood based on when you last contacted them. Thanks to Stephen Herron on the find.

Manage your social life:

  • Check the last time you hung out with a friend
  • Get a reminder when you lose touch with someone
  • Maintain regular interactions with important people

Blog Luvin Gives Users Updates

10 Mar

Would you like to get reminders when your favorite blog gets updated? The ability to receive reminders is available for complimentary use over at Blog Luvin. Never miss a blog update again and save time visiting sites that haven’t been updated.

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Reporter Turned Mommy Blog

23 Aug

Kathleen DiPiero is a former TV news reporter turned mommy and her blog explores her new family adventures. She was an anchor/reporter in three states (WTAP-TV Parkersburg, WV, News 14 Carolina inCharlotte, and most recently, WJW Fox8 in Cleveland.) Now married, Kathleen shares how her life has changed.

From a parenting perspective her stores are insightful, however sharing her life is just plain interesting. For example, if you looking for tips on how to throw a “Get-To-Know Your Neighbors Party”, buy baby furniture or how to celebrate the seasons, then you need to follow her blog.

Currently raising one child (Blake) with another on the way, Kathleen’s story will continue to be fascinating.

How Do You Cite Tweet?

23 Jun

Are you writing that final research paper and need to cite a Twitter reference? The Atlantic Journal recently put together an excellent synopsis on how to properly cite a tweet in a research paper.

Spoiler Alert*
Last Name, First Name (User Name).
“The tweet in it’s entirety.” Date, Time, Tweet.

Three Blog Writing Tips

3 Nov

I have been a blogger going strong for over seven years. Waking up every morning and putting together your thoughts for the world to read isn’t easy. I recently read a post that suggested some blog writing tips. The article inspired me to hone in on my top three bullet points to get your blog engines running.

  1. Keep your posts fresh and innovative – write about topics that make you ponder and push you to learn
  2. Have a purpose why you are writing – set a theme to your blog and change the world
  3. Develop a rhythm – craft your posts at set times and deliver them regularly to keep your audience interested
What other tips would you offer a first time blogger?