Finding Places To Charge Your Car

Do you have an electric car? Did you know that PlugShare is a good resource for finding places to charge. You can also sign up for EVGO and Chargepoint so you can access the fast chargers. If you don’t want to sign up, then you may find charging stations at Walmarts and Dunkin Donuts. However […]

Use Tech to Secure Your Financial Future with Proper Budgeting

Before you start a financial life plan to invest in your future, you first must tackle the art of proper budgeting. Life throws plenty of curveballs, and getting a grip on your day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year monetary needs will help you when the time comes. Once you’ve developed a proper budget, you can begin to […]

What Telemarketer is Calling You?

What was that phone number that just called, didn’t leave a message and you didn’t recognize it? If you are not sure, you should first cross-check it with 1-800-notes. The socially moderated site allows you to lookup the number and then review comments from other users who generally reveal who is calling. You can also […]

Connectivity is a Human Right

Did you know almost two-thirds of the planet is offline? Recently Leading Hands talked about Google Internet Balloons, now Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is shaking the same stick. He says, “Connectivity is a human right.” His plan is join forces with other companies and pull it off through the organization Internet.org. Internet.org is a group created […]

My Simon Price Comparison

Before I buy anything, you owe it to yourself to complete an online price comparison. If you are looking to purchase consumer goods, especially electronics, then don””t forget about a reliable favorite “My Simon”. This website is constantly updated with the latest deals and reviews. At “My Simon” you can review and price compare items […]