Scrivener Is Creative Writing

Mac users are looking for a creative ingredient to spark your writing? If so, then you need to discover the program called Scrivener. The writing program is ergonomically centered around the way the modern multitasker thinks. Scrivener lets you jot down thoughts on documents that resemble post-it notes. You can view them individually or all […]

Blippy Makes Credit Social

How far can social networking go, how about into your wallet? Blippy makes credit card transactions social. I was reading a recent article about Blippy and I was floored by this next level of social networking. The website asks, “What are your friends buying?” Register for an account, enter your credit card info (which is […]

Zamzar Online File Converter

The internet is truly powerful and if used the right way, you can produce powerful results. Remember that line from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Exhibit A is a recent find called Zamzar which is an online file converter that works great. Do you have a video in mpg format you need convert […]

Commentary: Stop Over-sized Ghosted TV Promos?

Since I am a social network addict, I don’t watch that much TV anymore, but when I do, I have started to track a trend. Have you noticed the size of the ghosted TV logos? These promos are either getting larger or they are animating out of control. In the past they used to just […]

Milo Sees If Items Are Stocked

Do you need to see if an item is in stock at the store down the street? Instead of calling your local store, asking the clerk if a item is on the shelf and then waiting five minutes to hear it’s available, use Milo. Milo is a new web service that connects you with local […]