Improve The Vocabulary Of Your Next Essay

Need to improve the vocabulary and your overall writing skills for your next essay? IELTS Vocabulary means using a more academic style and word choice (Lexical Resource) when writing your essay. Using Topic Specific Vocabulary, collocations and words from the Academic Word List will help considerably. Topic Specific Vocabulary also contains lots of collocations, so […]

How To Successfully Prepare Your Child For College Life

If your child is currently attending his last year of high school, then it’s likely that you’ve already done some research on colleges or universities that your child can attend in September. However, it takes more than picking the right college and getting good grades to prepare for college life. According to a survey, 60% of […]

Graphic Artist Loves Open Source

Are you an starving artist looking for some affordable digital tools? We’ve posted before about open source software. However, I just have to jump in again and focus on Graphic Designing with Open Source. I work on a Mac, PC and even an Ubuntu Linux box. Professional Graphics Software isn’t cheap. So I let my Boss […]

Mrs. Lowes Encourages Young Learners

I stumbled upon a local teacher’s blog, Mrs. Lowes, that provides great resources for families looking to increase your kid’s literacy. The site provides links to educational games, lunch ideas, articles, resources for parents and apps for reading strategies. The site in a nutshell has activities you can do with your kids and encourage young […]