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Pingly Connects Email, Text & Voice In One Place

26 Aug

Pingly is a communication hub. It kind of like email with chat. You can message or talk on one platform and manage your email, text & voice messages in the cloud. The app is available on iOS and Android. The software offers a free trial but then you can upgrade to a paid plan. A friend of mine tried it out and liked it.

Know That Your Emails Have Been Read

11 May

Do want to know when your emails in Gmail were read? MailTrack tells you when a user received and opened your email. After sending it, you’ll see a single check when your message is sent and a double-check whenever the recipient reads it. The service is free and only works with Gmail. You will continually get a pop-up asking to upgrade after each send which can get annoying. I have turned off the feature a few times because of the constant asking for upgrade. However it is nice to know that an individual got your email and read it.

Don’t Forget To Reply

6 Nov

How do you remember to reply to someone on email? Do you find yourself forgetting? The trick I do is hit reply on my phone to start a response, hit cancel and then save as draft. Then I go back later when I am ready and complete the drafts. Then I send them all at once. I have heard other friends use flags and go back. I tried this method too but the draft box method has worked best for me. How do you not forget? Do you respond immediately?

Unroll me email service rocks

11 May

How many email subscriptions are you signed up for? If you are like me, you may sign up for one and then forget. Now there is a service called Unroll Me that allows you to see a list of all your subscription emails. When you sign up, you can unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want.

Toss the junk with one click.

Best Email Signatures

14 Apr

Promote things you care about and make a better use of your emails. WiseStamp creates the best email signatures. The site will enable you to make mail signatures with most email source providers (ESP)s like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. The site features templates and apps you can choose from to spruce up your email signatures. Choose from social to business apps that will add panache to your signatures.

The site says, “Dynamic Email Apps to bring that extra professional look-and-feel to your email signatures and make them work for you! Show your latest blog post, the items you sell on Etsy or eBay and many more from the variety of Business Email Apps!” I tried WiseStamp and I liked how it seamlessly added a toolbar to my ESP. Thanks to CIA Mike for the lead.

Treat Email Like Text Messages

15 May

I discovered this site the other day called Five Sentences. The idea of the site is to shorten all your email communication by pledging to keep all email responses regardless of recipient or subject to five sentences or less.

How do you craft your email messages? Do you use your email messages to start a conversations or memorialize them? Do you summarize your thoughts briefly? As our society moves further into using our Smart Phones as the single-source of communication, almost everything we write will become digital shorthand. I usually create all my emails with quick summaries and brief bullet points.

Do you think you could join the digital shorthand revolution?

Hotmail Sweep

16 Nov

Hotmail is trying to make checking your email box safe again. The free email provider introduced “Hotmail Sweep” which goes through your email box and removes messages that seems like SPAM. For the most part it actually works pretty well, I was actually surprised.

GTriage Strikes Back

25 Jul

Leading Hands had mentioned Gtriage early this year and since then many improvements have been made to their email triage system. If you are looking for an easy way to create another layer of sorting in your email box then try Gtriage. Once again the service tags “important” emails coming in based on your habits. This service has saved me hours and hours of keeping my Gmail box clean.

For Leading Hands subscribers, use the following promo code to sign-up:

Evolution of Email

20 Jul

I found this interesting article on the evolution of email.

Cool Email Signatures Galore

3 Aug

If you are like me, you’re primary form of communication is electronic, which is either text or email. Currently, I am more of an email kind of guy and at the bottom of every email, you generally have a signature. Most companies expect you to create a standard signature that lists your name, title, email, phone, fax and website details. However, when it comes to your personal email address signature, I have noticed that most people don’t customize it. If you are looking for a creative email signature, then you must check out Cool Sig.

The website has been online for almost 15 years and over that time has grown into the largest repository of email signature ideas. Are you a Star Wars fan? Perhaps you want a proverbial signature? Whether you are interested in sports, romance or beer, then swing over and get an original email signature at Cool Sig. If you are not sure how to add an email signature, then follow this handy install your email signature guide.