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Keep Kids Healthy

29 Jun

Are you trying to keep your kids healthy? Here are some tips from Doctor Ryan Farrell from University Hospitals.

  • Include more fruit and vegetables in meals and snacks
  • Go shopping together
  • Keep serving sizes sensible
  • Encourage joining sports or fitness class
  • Plan active outings like biking or hiking

Do Earbuds Cause Hearing Loss?

17 Oct

Recently articles have been released that cite that headphones can cause hearing loss in children. Here are some quick tips!

How to prevent hearing loss:

  • Turn down the volume
  • Use noise-cancelling headphones
  • Use over the ear models
  • Limit your exposure

Read the full article:

5 Ways To Squash Stress

17 Apr

I stumbled upon this article that gives you quick ways to avoid stress.

  1. Breathe it out – use all of your lungs
  2. Open up your fitness app – comes up with a personalized breathing pattern
  3. Put on a happy face – smiling facilitates relaxation
  4. Get your brain to help – stop, breathe, reflect, and choose
  5. Move! – Doing something physical can make it a lot easier to calm down

Read the entire article below.

So You Want To Be A Goalkeeper?

25 Feb

For years, I’ve kept these rules of being a goalkeeper in a binder. They are written by Sam Snow, U.S. Youth Director of Coaching Education and a U.S. Soccer National Instructor. Below are his 5 rules of being a goalkeeper. If you think about, they could apply to almost anything!

  1. Go for everything
    1. You may not be able to stop every shot that comes your way, but if you make the attempt, you will find that you are stopping shots you never before thought possible. You will also have the personal satisfaction that at least you made the attempt and your teammates will be more forgiving even if you miss.
  2. After a save – get up quickly
    1. If you have gone to the ground to make a save get back on your feet as fast as possible. Look for a fast break distribution or to direct your teammates into position to receive a build-up distribution. This aspect is particularly important if you are injured. You cannot show weakness, you may tend to your injury after you have started the counterattack. This will particularly intimidate your opponents and raise the confidence in your teammates.
  3. Do not be half-hearted – 100% effort
    1. Every time you make a pay it must be will all of your ability. If you go half way you will miss saves and injure yourself.
  4. Communicate loudly
    1. You must constantly give instructions when on defense. When you team is on the attack, come to the top of your penalty area or beyond and talk to your teammates and after support to the defenders. Be mentally involved in the entire match, no matter where the ball is.
  5. No excuses! No whining! Just get on with the match.
    1. If a goal is scored against you, a corner kick is given up or the short is a near miss, do not yell at your teammates even if it’s their fault. Do not hang your head, kick the ground or post if it was your fault. During the match is no time to point fingers or make excuses. The play is over, its ancient history, get on with the remainder of the match. Focus on what lies ahead!

Breathe And Stay Calm App

18 Feb

Did you know that your breath is fuel for your body, the number one indicator of your mindset, and is in your control? The easiest way to monitor your stress, activity and sleep is to breathe. Spire is an app that gives you control of your breath. You put on a monitoring device on your waist and it communicates with the app to help you breathe and stay calm. Check it out and see it for yourself!

Safety Guide for Caregivers

6 Dec

Are you taking care of a senior citizen? I just was sent a new safety guide for senior home safety. The guide provides everything you need to know to ensure that every room in a senior’s home is safe. There is also an interactive feature; clicking on any room in the house illustration will jump you to that room’s helpful tips!

You can view the guide here:

Stay Postive With Your Health

1 May

Are you looking to improve your health? Have your new year’s resolutions expired by now? Find out how to turn your focus around on your health by visiting Positive Health Wellness. The site features diets, nutrition, recipes, fitness, beauty, pain relief and awesome info graphics. I found one interested info graphic on the benefits of drinking pickle juice and another on three day sugar detox to improve your health. If you are ready to find new techniques to get back on the wagon – then look no further – check out this site.

Steps to A Healthy Heart

13 Nov

How do you keep your heart healthy? The heart is your most important muscle. You may not think about it but if you do some basic things, you can keep it on track. Try these tips from the Cleveland Clinic.

  1. Know Your Numbers – Know you BMI
  2. Just Move – 15-30 exercise a day
  3. Find Exercises You Like – try ones you can do solo
  4. Make a Plan – write down nutrition and excercise goals
  5. Skip the Supplements – get nutrients from natural sources
  6. Try Mediterranean – the diet has most scientific data
  7. Think Balanced – 50 vegetables, 25 protein, 25 carbohydrates
  8. Watch Calories & Portions – watch daily intake a binge is OK


Make a Splash & Save a Child’s Life

3 Aug

Did you know that ten people a day drown in the US? Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children under 5. Drowning is preventable. Have you considered signing your child up for swimming lessons?

This month’s featured nonprofit is the USA Swimming Foundation’s Make a Splash initiative. It is a national child-focused water safety campaign which aims to provide the opportunity for every child in America to learn to swim. Olympic athletes visit local establishments to raise awareness of water safety and the importance of swimming lessons.

For more information on this nonprofit, please follow the link below.

Are You Locked Into The Yoga Life?

20 Jul

Have you crossed over to the yoga life? Are you constantly looking for more ways to continue doing yoga on your own? Below are some online resources where you can take classes and read articles about yoga!