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Parry Aftab Privacy Lawyer

10 Nov

According to her website, “Parry Aftab is one of the leading experts, worldwide, on cybercrime, internet privacy and cyber-abuse issues. Kids used to pass notes around the class, now they are putting it on pages with 500 million users.” I have been following Parry for a few weeks and her insight into online self-defense is honest and professional.

Post Video to Catch Thieves?

30 Dec

I was watching Cyber Dan from the Cleveland Fox affiliate WJW and he mentioned the trend of posting surveillance video to catch thieves. The below footage is called “Northwood San Jose Mail Thief” and was uploaded on 12-18-08 after a family was tired of their packages getting snatched.

After watching the video, the family wants you to help identify the thief and report them to the authorities. At this time, police in San Hose are encouraging these video surveillance acts.

How do you feel about using YouTube as a tool to catch thieves? Do you feel this is an invasion of privacy?

Roving ATMs?

30 Jul

Last year, a friend of mine was a victim of credit card fraud at the gas pump. Their card got duped by a pseudo reader. The thieves in this instance created a reader that retrofitted over the top of the actual reader. When the credit card slid through, they got the credit card number.

I was talking with Mark Reichard the other day and he mentioned another identify theft story that made me think twice. Now there is growing trend by troubled minds to create dummy ATM machines. These machines are generally placed in malls sitting out in the open. You walk up, insert your ATM card and enter your PIN. The screen then reads “Temporarily out of Service”. You then walk away and try another machine. After a few hours of collecting account numbers and pins, the machine is rolled away.

If you think this scenario happened to you, go up to customer service and ask about the suspicious machine. If you get a reaction that a machine doesn’t exist in that location of the mall, then proceed to cancel that card.

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Wireless Worms

5 Mar

Are you using WIFI (a wireless connection on your computer)? When you stroll into the local StarBucks and tap into their FREE wireless internet connection you could be susceptible to a wireless worm. According to a new study, a computer virus can now be transmitted wirelessly.

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Phish Fighters

7 Oct

A vigilante group called the Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination have come together to fight phishing. As you may recall, the act of phishing is getting consumers to devuldge credit numbers and passwords through phoney websites and emails. These scams start with a fake email calling you to solicit immediate action by clicking on a link. Then they transport a you to fake website that remarkably resembles the company’s to a “t”.

Now a group of volunteers are fighting back by tracking phishers and shutting them down.
Their website offers you the ability to report their email directly from their homepage. As with all vigilante justice, this is great, but is this job for volunteers?

Digital Footprint

1 Mar

Do you realize every time you send an email, instant message, post a blog or video, it’s digitally captured forever? This action is your digital footprint.

According to recent poll, 60% of Americans under 20 years old have a profile on YouTube. Today kids are posting their outrageous video clips on YouTube looking to be the next star of the internet. They are filming themselves riding their bikes off roofs into swimming pools and performing a host of outrageous stunts. These videos will exist in some shape or form indefinitely. I think most people are only thinking of the short term and not thinking of the long-term ramifications of their actions. Remember that even the email you are sending to your fellow co-worker could be captured as evidence of your integrity. Be careful what you send and post on the internet; the future is yet to be written.

Do you think the Internet is encouraging children to be exhibitionists because we are rewarding their behavior?

Do you FURL?

6 Sep

Today, I was at my local library and in my usual fashion I was admiring the design of some new brochures that were on display. One read, “Do you FURL?”. All I could think of was Don Knots character Ralph Furley from Three’s Company. Please forgive me as I digress. I attempted to decipher what a FURL was, but I still wasn’t sure from the explanation on the brochure.

I walked up to the reference desk to inquire about FURL and to my dismay they really weren’t sure either. So I logged on to the site and discovered that a FURL is like a blog, but for librarians. Everyday a group of librarians post interesting links and new stories on an array of subjects on their website.

Here’s what the site says, “Librarians at Cuyahoga Public Library have saved valuable and interesting news, web sites, and other online information to FURL in the following areas: Health & Medicine, Education, Genealogy and Music.”

Do you FURL? Explore a new way of receiving information online

26 Aug

Discover what was charged to your credit card. This website will give you the ability to look up what your purchased on your credit card. You can look up your information either by card number or email address.

1) Card number – enter the first and last 6 or 7 digits of your card to see all charges
2) Email address – enter your email address and you’ll obtain a list of all orders sent to it

The results of credit card query will be displayed online and the email address query will be sent to the email address entered. You can also print a receipt, write a vendor or make a complaint about a company on this site.