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How Do You Identify The Best Apple?

12 Oct

Have you wondered how to pick an apple? Follow this chart to find out.

Where’s My Manual?

11 Apr

Discover the easiest way to find manuals online. We’ve all been there before, we lost the manual to the product and we need to look something up. If you need to glance at instructions, then look no further than ManualsLib!

Their database consists of more than three million pdf files. All you have to do is enter the keywords in the search field and find what you are looking for! Search results include manual name, description, size and number of pages. You can either read manual online or download it to your computer.

For a Stress Free Holiday Season, Create a Morning Routine

3 Dec

The holidays are the busiest time of year, and they can be quite stressful. However, there are a few things that you can do to make them easier. One of the biggest things is to create a morning routine that gets you up and going. Here’s how:

Source: Dadsolo

Additional Holiday Morning Routine Resources:

  1. Advice on establishing a successful morning routine for kids
  2. Outsource what you can – e.g. hire a dog walker
  3. How to de-stress your morning routine
  4. Tips on how to get the kids to school on time
  5. A revolutionary morning routine hack for kids – play music

Now that you know how to energize your mornings, you’re ready to take on those holiday plans. Pull out Grandma’s favorite recipes, put on some upbeat holiday music, and get to it!

Road-Racing For Everyone?

6 Aug

Have you ever dreamed of auto-racing? A new trend sweeping North America is racing cars that cost $500 or less – it’s called 24 Hours of LeMons. All you need to do is buy a car for $500 or less (not including safety equipment, brakes, and wheels/tires) and have a valid street driver’s license.

A friend mine bought a car, started driving with a group of guys and enjoys racing on the weekends. Are you thinking of driving? In order to drive, your car must pass the 24 hours of LeMons’ tech inspection. You will need to add a roll cage, seat harness, fuel cell protector and fire extinguishing equipment.

Start your dream of auto-racing with 24 Hours of LeMons

Be Safe All Around

17 Jun

SafeBee’s mission, simply put, is to make the world a safer place. This site offers articles, tools and advice to provide information to protect yourself, your family, your home, your pets, your money and your personal data from everyday — and unexpected — threats and hazards so you can live a happier, healthier, more secure life. The website is authored by UL, the leading developer of safety certification standards and a leader in safety education.

Find out what bit you, how to tell if an egg is bad, 13 health symptoms dog owners should never ignore, when you should or shouldn’t call 911, how to tell if chicken is bad, if your kids shoes are hurting their feet, the truth about cracking your neck and if yorgurt goes bad.

Winter Swimming Safety Tips

9 Dec

Do you know how to survive in rough water conditions? Watch this tragic story about a man who lived to tell about a life changing swimming accident. If you are drowning, you need to flip, float & follow. Flip over on your back, float to keep your head above water and follow the current.  

Because I Said I Would is a nonprofit organization that gives you the tools to keep your promises and make a difference in the world. It’s nonprofits like this that LHTT supports and wants to help.

Tech Tip To Save Your Date Night Out

8 Oct

Are you planning a big date with your significant other? The next time you go out to dinner with your spouse, “Don’t go to a place that has TVs hanging everywhere!” Try picking a place without TVs hanging everywhere because they are a significant distraction. You already have enough tech distractions with smart phones and watches, why add another one? For me, it is easier to focus on the conversation with less tech distractions.

Are You Locked Into The Yoga Life?

20 Jul

Have you crossed over to the yoga life? Are you constantly looking for more ways to continue doing yoga on your own? Below are some online resources where you can take classes and read articles about yoga!

Science Alert Keeps You Learning

23 Jan

What the most effective way to lose weight with minimal effort? Did you know your bones could soon heal a whole lot better thanks to polymer nanoshells? How are scientists improving the vision of blind rats?

Whether you want to learn about trends in tech, health, environment, space, humans, physics and nature – Science Alert keeps you learning and allows you to sharpen your mind. Stay connected to the latest news from the science world.

138 Tips To Do More With Google

22 Oct

Google recently published 138 tips to use Android, Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Play, YouTube, Chromecast, Drive, Translate, Docs, Wallet, Hangout and Classroom better. The site features videos, tutorials and diagrams to inform you on the best practices of using their products. You can sort by product or how you learn. If you are Google fan like I am, then you should check out this site to learn something new or just strengthen your skills.