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Common Texting Symbols

8 Sep

What are the top texting symbols? Have you ever received a text and wondered what does that symbol mean? Below are a few examples.


%- )
/: – |
: – )…
Smiling with a fur hat
Confused or merry
Confused and unhappy
Not very clever
Smiling with curls
Smiling with helmet
Plaster / Elastoplast
Centipede wearing a sombrero
Santa Claus
Unamused, mildly cross


Download the PDF with all the symbols.

How Do You Make A Silent Ringtone?

10 Jun

What if your phone only rang for important calls? A friend of mine shared his hack to make a silent ringtone on iOS. You basically make a silent ringtone for all calls but your most important callers. Here is the instructions to do it.

Selfie Speech App

29 Jul

How do you practice that big presentation? Do you prepare by going through your PowerPoint multiple times in a conference room all by yourself? If you are an entrepreneur, corporate manager, college student, startup founder or an actors and you need to overcome the fear of public speaking – you should try out this app. This app video records your presentation and then let’s you evaluate see yourself.

I’m On My Way App

24 Jul

Are you worried where your kid is? What if you don’t want to have to text the person waiting for you that you are on your wayp? The Glympse app will help you keep in touch with your tech savvy kids or loved ones, with one touch of a button.

Glympse sends your GPS location with exactly who you want to share it with and then your live path be viewed for a period of time. Which means it works perfectly if you’re running late for a meeting and want to let your work colleagues know; you’re waiting for a friend and want to let them know where to find you; or you want to let your neurotic mother you’re alive and kicking while off having fun at college!

Glympse App

Get A Handle On Your Life With This App

19 Jul

I recently needed to try a new app to keep my life in balance. I have tried many “to-do” apps and a friend recommended I try a new one called Handle. The app site says, “it combines your to-dos, email, and calendar so you know exactly what you need to accomplish today, tomorrow, and beyond.” I gave the app a try for a week and I liked it.

What Are Top 5 Apps on iOS?

10 Jul

How do you keep up with the top apps being downloaded on the Apple Store? I discovered a website the lists the top 5 apps being downloaded on iOS. Today the top applications are Pokémon GO, Mobile Strike,Game of War, Dragon Ball Z and Spotify!

Apple Can Disable Cellphones At Concerts

9 Jul

Did you know that Apple first applied for a patent back in 2011 to disable cellphones and just received the grant? The new technology will use an infrared signal that can detect and disable both still images and video recordings. What do you think of this technology? How would you feel if your cellphone was disabled to take picture or video at a concert? Gene Simmons from KISS says as long concert goers are notified ahead of time it’s OK.

138 Tips To Do More With Google

22 Oct

Google recently published 138 tips to use Android, Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Play, YouTube, Chromecast, Drive, Translate, Docs, Wallet, Hangout and Classroom better. The site features videos, tutorials and diagrams to inform you on the best practices of using their products. You can sort by product or how you learn. If you are Google fan like I am, then you should check out this site to learn something new or just strengthen your skills.

Top Social Networks & Apps Your Kids Use

29 May

Are you looking for the most popular apps to keep your kids occuppied? I found a cool site called Gaggle that lists the top social network apps kids use. If you aren’t sure what’s out there this is a good list to review.

Whats App Doc?

26 May

Are you on WhatsApp? I tried it out years ago but removed it because I wasn’t using it. Recently a friend asked me to try it again. If you are not familiar with it, Wikipedia says “WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones that operates under a subscription business model. The proprietary, cross-platform app uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages.”

WhatsApp is an extension of your phones contact list allowing you to instant message and group your friends in an easy format. Facebook purchased the company a few years back to add to their arsenal of messaging tools. What do you like most about it?