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Abelton Recording Software Helps Artists Achieve Dreams

1 Aug

Learn how Steve Duda discusses the practice of creating audio software and virtual instruments using Abelton recording software. Discover how choosing the right synth plug-ins and recording software can make an impact. Explore Abelton and start making beautiful music.

Stream Music With The SiriusXM App

5 Feb

Are you a SiriusXM subscriber? Did you know that you can now stream? Check out the app.

ReverbNation Launches Music Careers

5 Oct

Learn how to break into the music business. ReverbNation is a music destination site focused on connecting independent artists directly to their fans. Discover what it takes to make it as an artist from industry professionals.

Smart Links for Music Marketing

4 Jan

Are you a musician? Are you looking for a way to sell your merchandise? Linkfire creates smart links that route fans your music in the apps they use. They support 50 different music services. You can track your sales and target specific audiences.

A friend of mine that was looking for a way to market his tunes recommended it. Have you tried it?

Learn to Play Music Faster with Modern Educational Technology

3 Mar

Playing Guitar

Learn to Play Music Faster with Modern Educational Technology

Studies have consistently shown that technology helps improve learning. From mobile apps and online courses to software and even games, modern teaching and learning tools are clearly a great way to enhance the overall learning experience. They’re not only fun and convenient, but they also allow students to learn at their own pace.

Get the physical tools ready

When it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument, however, you can’t rely solely on your apps and other e-learning tools. You’ll also need the physical gear before you can get started. This includes the instrument you want to play and all the other related accessories required to make it work.

Let’s say you want to learn how to play the electric guitar. Aside from getting the instrument itself, you’ll also need things like strings, instrument cables, picks and a good guitar chair to sit on. If you pick the drums, on the other hand, then you’ll need a kit, several pairs of drumsticks and good soundproofing materials. Keep in mind that the best way to learn is to integrate theory and practice, and these physical tools will allow you to do just that.

Find a medium that works for you

According to Andrea Leyden of GoConqr, learning through apps is the future of education—which is probably true considering the rate at which educational apps are improving. However, the choice of what you should use to learn your chosen instrument should still ultimately depend on the type of learner you are and what medium you’re most comfortable with. If you need formal instruction, for example, then a structured online course would be your best bet. If you prefer a more fun set-up, on the other hand, then more game-type tools would suit you better.

Of course, having a clear goal in mind should also help you make this decision much more easily. For example, if you want to learn chords first, then you should get a tool that helps you do that. Want to learn songs more easily? Then get an app or software that allows you to make music play slower or faster.

Consistency is key

At the end of the day, however, whatever modern learning tools you choose to use, if they help keep you motivated to continue playing, then you’ve made the right decision. After all, skills like playing music rely heavily on consistent practice. Long story short, the more you play, the faster you get better at doing so.

Streaming Music Services

9 Dec

Are you continually looking to stream music for free or cheap? You may have know that Grooveshark closed down in 2015 and Limewire in 2010, but alternatives are available to stream music for free or on the cheap today?

List of Streaming Music Services

Ranker, I Don’t Even Know Her?

13 Oct

Do dream of top 10 lists? Why not make your vote count? At vote on lists of people, film, TV, music, sports, videos, and comics to name a few. List it. Rank it. Love it.

Ipod Transfer Music Program

15 Apr

Are you looking to transfer your music from your iPod to your iPhone? Todd Bertsch the other day proposed the question and my immediate thought was to just sync-up each device to iTunes. However after trying it myself, I soon realized that 3rd party software was needed to remedy the situation. Pod to PC was just that tool.

The free version of Pod to PC will transfer 10 songs at a time. However if you have a ton of songs, we recommend that for $20 you purchase the software for seamless usage. I didn’t try transferring videos, but Todd said the videos didn’t transfer with the free version.

Blippy Makes Credit Social

22 Feb

How far can social networking go, how about into your wallet? Blippy makes credit card transactions social. I was reading a recent article about Blippy and I was floored by this next level of social networking.

The website asks, “What are your friends buying?” Register for an account, enter your credit card info (which is not kept on record) and share with the world what you are buying. Your Blippy account is updated with what you just bought. Other Blippy users can comment on your purchase. You can tell Blippy what types of transactions you don’t want to go public. It also has a connection with Facebook and Twitter.

As a by-stander, I think this website is cool. Now I can see what other people are buying and if I see something nice, I might buy the same thing. All I can say is that a recent poll stated 70% of lawyers are using social networking in case proceedings. Use this service at your own risk.

Do you think Blippy is too much information?

Big Events Shut Down The Net

4 Nov

The net is still in diapers. Every time a big event happens, the Internet seems to experience lag and major websites just simply shut down. When Michael Jackson’s funeral was held during a weekday in the middle of the afternoon, the world watched the event mostly at work online. This event alone seemed to cause everything online to hick-up.

Think about these facts:

  • Amazon just turned 15
  • Twitter is a new communication form started in 2006
  • iTunes launched in 2001 and now represents half of music industry sales

Can we just admit to ourselves that the Internet is just still just learning to walk? Web 3.0 is approaching, but the fact is it is never too late to get on the web bandwagon and embrace the technology.