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Nonprofit of the Month – Village Bicycle Cooperative

1 Aug

Donate your bicycle and make a difference! The Village Bicycle Cooperative aims is to teach people how to ride safely, how to maintain their bicycles, and how to use bicycles for transportation. They accept new and used donated bicycles, repair them where necessary, and then performing a safety check. If the bikes pass the safety check, they are then offered for sale to the public or donated to those in need through partner charities. The majority of our bicycles are under $100, but occasionally they have something special to offer that breaks that rule.

Nonprofit of the month: After School All-Stars

1 Apr

After-School All-Stars provides programs, transformative experiences, and mentoring that support students in developing skills and habits needed to succeed in life, school, and their future careers. This program helps kids stay active and help them succeed in school and life. They are one of the largest free school-based after-school program providers in the country.


VolunteerMatch Connects Volunteers

10 Dec


Are you looking for a way to help out, but not sure where to start? Have you tried VolunteerMatch? The group is the largest network in the nonprofit world, with the most volunteers, nonprofits, and opportunities to make a difference. Check your location to see what opportunities are available and volunteer your time with a worthy cause of your choice.

Help A Non-Profit Arts and Youth Organization

18 Jul

Want to donate to a non-profit arts and youth development organization? Refresh Collective offers classes, camps, and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth. They offer a youth hip-hop summer leadership camp that cultivates creativity, confidence and character. If you are looking to help out, follow the link to help.

Raise Money For Your Nonprofit

20 Feb

Are you a nonprofit trying to figure out how to properly build a community & fundraise? Flipcause is a fundraising and engagement platform for nonprofits that is recommended by many groups. I personally have not tried the platform but I hear it it works well. However, I discovered the group has a nice blog that provides information to help nonprofits plan better marketing and sales campaigns. Explore fundraising top tips and ways to run events like a pro.


Change Happened: Big Data for a Better World 2017

25 Nov

Northeastern Ohio nonprofit innovators met for first annual Big Data for a Better World Conference on November 16 at Hyland Software’s sprawling Westlake, Ohio campus. Leading Hands Through Technology (LHTT) and Workman’s Circle teamed up to offer the event for local nonprofits to discuss how analytics could be used to help their organization’s stay profitable and sustainable. The conference, sponsored by Hyland Software and Kent Displays, captivated the attendees offering participants the chance to ask the panelists and keynote speaker questions.

Panelists included Leon Wilson from the Cleveland Foundation, David M. Holmes from the Foundation Center and Jason Therrien from Thunder::Tech. Moderated by Marc Majers, the founder of LHTT, the session focused on questions ranging from where a nonprofit should start with analytics to how an organization should continue to grow their metrics. Mr. Wilson focused on planning funding for nonprofits so they can ultimately gain traction with their mission. Leon stated that in order to start and grow metrics, organization’s need to carefully plan how they are going to generate donations and funding. Mr Holmes, a veteran of the Foundation Center, highlighted that there is a plethora of free resources to help organizations understand how to increase their reach. David gave examples of groups that walked into his center wondering how to strengthen their efforts and left with a solid game plan. The key to strengthening their efforts was first determining what they wanted to achieve. Jason spoke about using analytics as a bargaining chip to negotiate with other groups; it is amazing how most groups do not understand the value of their data and how they can use it. An organization must harness the power of their own information to effectively change minds.

The panelists stressed that nonprofits conduct an information audit and realize the what they are first own. Once organizations determine the information they have, then they must figure out what to focus on. Start with a goal and then map out a plan to accomplish it – a goal without a plan is just a wish. Find low hanging fruit and get small wins. One of these starting points is website analytics. Mr. Therrien specifically cited an organization that used Google Analytics in conjunction with Google Maps to pinpoint where donations are coming from. After doing the geographical overlay exercise, the organization identified that a high target donor area was not giving because they never canvassed the area. The group also stated that “Big Data” and “Data Scientists” are buzz words and each organization needs to define what these words need. “Big Data” from one organization to another can mean something totally different – do not get lost in the tech jargon.

Todd Packer, co-creator of the event and volunteer from Workman’s Circle, introduced the keynote speaker Kambiz Ghazinour, PhD from Kent State University who lead an intriguing session on how organizations should pay attention to how they encrypt their data. The keynote started by defining how “Big Data” was introduced during the dawn of the Internet and then moved to how it has evolved today.

Kambiz lectured that companies have time and time again run contests to challenge the world to crack their data and the Internet easily figured it out. The professor stressed that with just a few pieces of information like a date of birth, gender or ZIP, a person can be quickly identified. He referenced two examples from NetFlix and Yahoo; the two tech giants thought they had done enough to protect their customer’s identity, but that was far from the truth. Dr. Ghazinour stressed that nonprofit organizations must protect their constituents data at all costs and follow strong tactics to reduce risk of breech. He said, “Anonymization is difficult so any privacy guarantee must be proven and established formally, minimally.” If you would like review the presentation, please continue on SlideShare.

On behalf of Workman’s Circle, Leading Hands Through Technology would like to thank the speakers, sponsors, volunteers and the attendees of the first annual Big Data for a Better World Conference. If you would like to sign up for upcoming LHTT events or donate to the cause, please contact us.


Big Data For A Better World

1 Nov

Does your non-profit need direction on how to properly handle analytics? Are you trying to figure out where to begin with the information you are collecting about your customers? Come to a discussion on how to be effective with the information you are collecting in this big data world.

Join us on Thursday, November 26th to discuss this topic with other non profit professionals in the Cleveland area. This is a conference on how finding and funding projects that use complex information help people and our planet. Meet researchers, technology experts, development professionals, non-profit leaders and activists to share ideas and experiences with the power and potential of big data for constructive social change.

How To Start A Nonprofit On The Fast Track

17 Jul

Do you have an idea that sparks the creation of an organization devoted to positive change for the good for all people? Whether you already have a nonprofit that you’ve registered in your state or you are thinking of creating one, you will still need to apply for federal tax-exemption. There are benefits to creating a nonprofit organization and the biggest is being able to accept donations. 

For recognition as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3), you need to traditionally complete the 1023 form. The process can take up to six months to hear back. However the government recently released a faster process to receive your nonprofit status in as little as tweleve weeks called the 1023EZ form.

How to get your non-profit started tax-exempt organization:
1) Complete the 1023EZ online application
2) Pay $275
3) Have less than $50,000 in assets
4) Have a mission statement

Adopt Your Perfect Pet With Petfinder

10 Jul

Are you looking for a house pet? Have you searched your local animal shelters and pet stores with no luck? I recently had a friend tell me how they found their pet using Petfinder. The site allows you to search for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds, fish and barnyard animals in your local area. If you are interested in a pet, you then simply click a button to ask for more information and a representative will follow-up with you. You can also sponsor an animal with the Petfinder Foundation which will allow you to make a donation.

If you are not sure you want to adopt a pet just yet, the site also offers a host of articles about adopting cats and dogs. For example, if you plan on bringing home a dog, the site offers articles on what do in the first 30 days. You can also read their blog and watch videos.

Search the site to adopt your perfect pet!

End Hunger In America

27 Feb

Are you looking for a good cause to donate your efforts? Have you considered No Hungry Kid? The organization is working to eliminate the child hunger epidemic in America. The site says, “1 out of 5 kids in America don’t get the food they need which impacts their health and threatens their futures in profound ways.” You can help by signing up to support the cause. Each time you dine out at participating restaurants, you’ll help feed children who don’t have enough to eat.