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Digital Polaroid Camera

19 Oct

Did you know you can still get a Polaroid camera? Now the camera is digital but it still prints a photo directly from the camera. This camera is a homage to the instant image phenomenon that established them as a household name.

New Creative Image App

25 Aug

Have you tried VSCO? It’s an photography app that has a community of creators behind it. VSCO supports photographers with not only tools in the app, but also with knowledge, and a community to drive them to the next level. Use powerful defaults and get inspired by tutorials to make beautiful photos and videos.

Remove Background Images Instantly

29 Jun

You can remove backgrounds in photos automatically now with just one click. Traditionally removing backgrounds from photos is a task that takes a lot of time and attention to detail, even with the most professional software. Guess what? Not anymore! With you can cut out any image 100% automatically, in just 5 seconds and without a single click.

Free Photography for All

23 Feb

Do you need that perfect photo for your next blog post or email campaign? I recently stumbled upon Unsplash which is a free stock photography resource. Whether you are looking for a image that is business, computer, or nature related – look no further! Find beautiful, free photos at Unsplash.

Quick Online Photo Editor

4 Dec

Looking for a quick online photo editor? You need to check out Fotor, an online photo editor that lets you make collages and basic edits. If you also want to design a photo card or make a banner, than this is your spot. The mobile app works great too!

No Selfie Sticks Allowed

22 Feb

Have you ever been somewhere and you had to ask a total stranger to take your picture? You have to hand your phone to them and then they have to struggle to find the snap button. Now you don’t have to do that anymore! The art of taking a picture changed last year with the invention of the selfie stick. The selfie stick holds your phone so you can hold it out in front of you and snap a shot.

However recently many museums and other establishments have been banning them because they say the stick is a hazard. The stick can accidentally trip or clothesline guests causing injury. I can see their point because it causes a legal situation for the establishment. What do you think? Should sticks be banned? I think establishments need to adjust to technology and make rules and special areas to embrace the selfie stick. Could users of selfie sticks sign waivers when they enter? I also think users should be aware of their surroundings and be courteous of others too. It’s a two way street and the reality is personal mobile phones aren’t going away and either are selfie sticks. People like to take pictures of themselves.

Here’s some examples:

See Best Of Flickr With Fluidr

1 Jan

Why sort through thousands of photos and videos each day on Flickr when Fluidr can do it for you? Fluidr delivers the most interesting photos and videos uploaded to Flickr in an easy interface. You can simply browse through the images or filter down what you would like to see. If you’ve used Flickr, you’ll discover Fluidr makes exploring photos a pleasant experience.

Jpegy Equals Fun

29 Nov

If you are looking to brighten up your day look no further than Jpegy! The site is updated daily with images that are funny, viral, inspirational and geeky to help you waste time online. The site features images that are categorized: cute, geeky, LOL, fandom, epic fail, MEME, WTF, comics, good eats, cosplay, animals and artsy. Parental warning that some images are not suitable for children.

PicMonkey Steps Up To The Plate

1 Jun

Looking for a free picture editor? You need to check out Pic­Mon­key. The picture editing service shares sim­i­lar features of Pic­nik because the same creators of Picnik are the brains behind PicMonkey. You may remember Picnik was the pop­u­lar photo edit­ing ser­vice that Google purchased and clos­ed down in April.

Pic­Mon­key is bet­ter than ever. It’s faster, more pow­er­ful, and eas­i­er to use than Picnik. The only downside is that the site requires flash so it doesn’t work on an iPad or iPhone.

Lytro: New Camera Technology

26 Dec

The technology of taking a picture hasn’t theoretically changed in over 100 years until now. Lytro has reinvented the camera with the light field capturing method. The site says, “Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space.” You will never take a bad picture again (unless your eyes are closed). You never have to focus.

A light field is the amount of light traveling in every direction through every point in space. Conventional cameras cannot record the light field. Lytro camera processes the light so you can always have beautiful pictures.

One consumer testing the camera said, “The shots are about timing and the ability to refocus after the picture is taken. I don’t need to worry about adjusting focus, I could focus just on the timing.”

Thanks to Mike Kimmel for the find.