Social Networking Safety Tips

I stumbled upon this site the other day and discovered some sound tips. Here are tips for helping your kids use social networking sites safely: Understand what information should be private. Only post information you are comfortable others seeing. Use privacy settings to restrict who can access info. Once information is online it can not […]

Google Family Safety Center

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt18TCb_p-M Google recently launched the “Family Safety Center”. This site features tips on how to surf the Internet safely as a family. Google has developed their own set of safety tools like Google Safe Search, Safe Search Lock, Safe Search on Your Phone and YouTube Safety Mode. All these safety features function exactly as they […]

Raising An Internet Saavy Child

Adam Rosenberg (adam@cdt.org), New Media Manager for the Center for Democracy & Technology recently wrote this guest post on Wired. He stressed a few tips he instilled in his children once they reached the age to surf the web. I found these strong relevant tips even in this world of Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Tips […]