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Official Inaugural 2013 App

21 Jan

Today is Inaugural day and if you are making the trek to Washington, then you should probably checkout the official app. I attended a couple inaugurations and this app would have been handy while standing in the cold. I read on AppAdvice that you should be leery when downloading the application because it attempts to opt [...]

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Social Networking Safety Tips

19 Apr

I stumbled upon this site the other day and discovered some sound tips. Here are tips for helping your kids use social networking sites safely: Understand what information should be private. Only post information you are comfortable others seeing. Use privacy settings to restrict who can access info. Once information is online it can not [...]

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Google Family Safety Center

20 Feb

httpv:// Google recently launched the “Family Safety Center”. This site features tips on how to surf the Internet safely as a family. Google has developed their own set of safety tools like Google Safe Search, Safe Search Lock, Safe Search on Your Phone and YouTube Safety Mode. All these safety features function exactly as they [...]

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Beware of Scareware

17 Sep

Have you been the victim of scareware? You probably already are infected and don't even know it. The other day I was reminded of how easy you can get deceived online by ordinary system pop-ups. Here is an example of how you can be duped by scareware and what to do to avoid it. I [...]

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Raising An Internet Saavy Child

8 Jun

Adam Rosenberg (, New Media Manager for the Center for Democracy & Technology recently wrote this guest post on Wired. He stressed a few tips he instilled in his children once they reached the age to surf the web. I found these strong relevant tips even in this world of Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Tips [...]

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Big Virus Coming, Tomorrow?

31 Mar

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, a big virus is set to launch tomorrow. The Conflicker Worm will take control of your computer without you even knowing it. Apple users you are safe for the moment. What can you do to prevent infection of your PC? Download the Microsoft update – [...]

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9+0+# on Your Telephone

12 Jan

A friend of mine received a telephone call recently from an individual identifying himself as an AT&T Service Technician (could also be Telus) who was conducting a test on the telephone lines. He stated that to complete a test they should touch nine(9), zero(0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up. Luckily, they were [...]

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Don’t Fall For SPAM

10 Dec

A friend of mine recently suffered through the SPAM attack, so read below and don’t let this happen to you! Reporter Chris Walter from the Consumerist exposed the scam last April and unfortunately it’s still thriving. What is the big deal with In a nutshell: Signing up for their service initiates access to [...]

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UPS Virus Alert

24 Nov

With the holidays fast approaching, watch out for the UPS Delivery Failure virus. You will receive an email from UPS Packet Service along with a packet number. How do I know if I get this virus? It will say that they were un-able to deliver a package sent to you on such and such a [...]

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The Next Generation of Chat

14 Oct

If you don’t have a web cam, then you are in a growing minority of computer owners. Now web cameras are built standard into most computers and if not they can be cheaply purchased. With the increase of broadband and the decline of dial-up Internet service, the ability to easily communicate via video on the [...]

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