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Are You A Perennial?

7 Apr

I read an article by Dr. Carstensen from Stanford University that was looking for a new term that aging people can embrace. Some people like the comfortable term “baby boomers”, but what happens when GenXers and millennials grow old?

After years of research, the term “perennial” became the frontrunner to refer to older people. The term was coined by Maureen Conner from the Stanford Center on Longevity. According to Carstensen, the symbolism is perfect because it makes it clear that older people are still here, blossoming again and again. It also suggests a new model of life in which people engage and take breaks, making new starts repeatedly.

Are we reaching a new tipping point and moving away from the fear of growing old and just embracing living long? What do you think of the term “perennial”?

Safety Guide for Caregivers

6 Dec

Are you taking care of a senior citizen? I just was sent a new safety guide for senior home safety. The guide provides everything you need to know to ensure that every room in a senior’s home is safe. There is also an interactive feature; clicking on any room in the house illustration will jump you to that room’s helpful tips!

You can view the guide here:

25 Tips To Make Home Safe For Seniors

4 Sep

Need some tips to keep a seniors home safe? Here’s a quick article that outlines twenty-five tips to make a home safe for the elderly.  I like that this article breaks it down into living quarters. Below are the top five tips; follow the link to the article has all twenty-five tips.

Top five tips to keep a seniors home safe:

  1. Bathroom
    •  Add grab bars
  2. Bedroom
    • Remove all rugs
  3. Kitchen
    • Ensure working smoke dectors
  4. Living Room
    • Make sure furniture is stable
  5. Monitoring
    • Install motion detector lights

Some Quick Fire Safety Tips For People With Disabilities

4 Jun

We discovered a complete guide on fire safety for people with disabilities. The guide covers safety strategies for people with visual, hearing and mobility impairments, organized by chapters and has resources cited.

Some quick fire safety tips:

  • Don’t wear loose-fitting clothing around an open flame.
  • Don’t leave hot pans unattended.
  • Always set a timer when cooking food in the oven.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets.
  • Never use the oven to heat your home.
  • Properly maintain chimneys and space heaters.

Read full article

OhioHopes Helps Seniors

3 Feb

Are you senior that thinks they’ve been scammed? OhioHOPES strives to be Ohio’s informative hub for older adults at risk of crime. This initiative provides resources, a monitored helpline, and support in reporting crimes. If you are senior or have an elderly family member that needs help check out Ohio Hopes.