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Write Papers Better Faster With Questia

6 Nov

Do you have a research paper to write? If you are looking for an answer, discover Questia! It provides time-saving research tools, like automatic bibliography creation, highlights, notes, citations and more, all designed with the research process in mind. The Questia library includes academic books, journals, magazines, and newspaper articles from more than a thousand of the world’s leading publishers.

Brining Art and Blockchain Together

4 May

Have you heard of blockchain? A blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data because if the information is modified there is always a copy of thr chain in the cloud.

Snark Art is helping artists bring to life a new genre of art using blockchain. As an artist, it’s challenging to sell your work. Now this group is working to bring art and blockchain together by letting artists sell each piece of their art as unique block. Each one is secure and verified. If you are an artist, you should check out this service.

Where’s My Manual?

11 Apr

Discover the easiest way to find manuals online. We’ve all been there before, we lost the manual to the product and we need to look something up. If you need to glance at instructions, then look no further than ManualsLib!

Their database consists of more than three million pdf files. All you have to do is enter the keywords in the search field and find what you are looking for! Search results include manual name, description, size and number of pages. You can either read manual online or download it to your computer.

Get A Slice Of Raspberry Pi

9 Apr

Are you a Raspberry Pi fan? Their mission is to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world. You build a small and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming.

If you are interested getting in computer programming and want to have fun at the same time, then you should check out it. Raspberry Pi is perfect for Educators and Parents looking for something exciting to introduce to students. There are computing clubs in your area such as Code Club, CoderDojo, and Raspberry Jams – there isn’t a shortage of interactivity!

Who’s in that TV Commercial?

10 Mar

Have you ever wondered who are the actors or athletes in your favorite TV commercials? Search and discover not only who is starring in the ads, but browse the most engaging and trending ones. Also discover the top spenders and read about the latest news in the advertising world.

Tech You Should Have In Your Apartment

4 Oct

Have you done an inventory of the technology you need in your apartment? Recently we stumbled upon a great article that breaks down the top 100 plus items you need.

Top 10 items you need in your apartment:
1. August Smart Lock
Reliable, affordable keyless door locks are here! It’s activated by your smartphone so you can be anywhere and unlock the door for your mom, your dog walker or a trusted delivery service.

2. Blink Camera
It gives you peace of mind knowing you can have a 24-hour live feed of your apartment streaming into your smartphone.

3. Sonos One
It’s sort of like an Amazon Echo, but with top-shelf sound quality.

4. Echo Dot
The Echo Dot is another compact speaker system which works with Alexa voice control, but it also makes and takes calls, and it’s compatible with all of the other smart devices in your apartment.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat
This thermostat will actually save you money after a while. It also creates a cooling and heating algorithm for your apartment based on your movements.

6. Belkin Wemo Switch
Turn any switch on in your apartment through an app on your tablet or phone.

7. Furbo Full HD WiFi Dog Camera
Speaking of pets, the Furbo dog camera is the next best thing to hanging out with your dog all day. It also sends your phone alerts of what your dog is doing, and it even allows you to throw them actual treats.

8. Netgear Orbi
It is a super-charged router that speeds up your connectivity and eliminates your apartment’s dead spots.

9. Smarter Fridgecam
It pops on your fridge door and sends you photos from the inside. It also learns what you like and sends you reminders.

10. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19
This lighting system allows you to control the color and brightness of multiple light bulbs at once through Alexa or your phone.

Check out the full list here

Twitter Same As It Ever Was?

2 Jun

Do you still use Twitter? Will it ever be a profitable platform? Why do you like Twitter so much? It keeps going and the platform keeps slowing growing, but does it need to change? If you are still not on Twitter, you should explore it and find out more.

Do You Need Windows Previous Documentation?

10 May

Here is a  great resource for Windows previous versions documentation thanks to Great Lakes Geek.

Are you running an old version or Windows? If you are searching for previous documentation, this site has content for older products or services, such as release notes, deployment guides, and how-to articles. It’s the archive of all Win7/8, Windows Server 2012/2008/2003, R2, etc. info previously in TechNet.

Unfortunately that legacy content isn’t searchable as of now from Google or Bing. But it is searchable on the archive pages.So if you’re looking for specific information (like Windows 8.1 release notes or how to repair a Windows image), you can use the Search box to search all of the older Windows client libraries.


Photos For Everyone

3 May

Do you need a photo for your next blog post? Discover over 300,000 free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers.

Improve The Vocabulary Of Your Next Essay

13 Feb

Need to improve the vocabulary and your overall writing skills for your next essay? IELTS Vocabulary means using a more academic style and word choice (Lexical Resource) when writing your essay. Using Topic Specific Vocabulary, collocations and words from the Academic Word List will help considerably. Topic Specific Vocabulary also contains lots of collocations, so you can expect a thorough explanation on what they are and how to use them.

This tutorial focuses on what to learn, the importance of context, and how to learn / memorize these new terms so you can improve your writing. The site gives you plenty of detailed explanations, tips, examples and resources for practice on this subject.