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Where Have You Been?

11 Feb

If you are a traveler, then why not share with the world where you have been? Where I Have Been is a site I recently stumbled upon and offers an easy, free way to post pictures and share your travel experiences. If you just want to experience the world or you are planning a trip, [...]

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10 Jul

OK, all you world travelers, I have been following you on Tripit! If you are not using this social media travel tool, then consider signing-up. I've had this post sitting in draft mode for a while and I finally decided to publish it. The bottom line is that I have been using Tripit and it [...]

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Experience Finder – Travel Guide

19 Jan

The other day I was booking a trip and I stumbled upon this cool little application on Travelocity called Experience Finder. I would describe this online gadget as an interactive travel guide to the most popular global destinations. First you choose your destination, then you choose from most the popular activities to experience in that [...]

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2009 Inauguration iPhone App

18 Jan

Are you heading to the big inauguration this upcoming Tuesday in Washington D.C.? If you are and you’re an iPhone user, you must download the free 2009 Inauguration iPhone App. What will this app do? How much time is left until the inauguration How far you are away from the inauguration Transit service and locations [...]

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Go up stream with Kayak

20 Jan

The website says, “Kayak is a travel search engine. We search hundreds of travel sites from all over the world, provide the information in an easy-to-use display and send customers directly to the source to make their purchase.” If you are looking for the right flight, hotel, cruise, or rental car, then look no further [...]

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