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Tripit Travel App

11 Oct

TripIt helps you stay on top of your holiday travel plans. Organize your holiday itinerary in seconds. The app lets you share all your travel plans in one click. Get a snapshot of your upcoming trips, see what your network has been up to, and view your travel stats all in one place. Have you tried the app?


Travel Agents Still Here

12 Aug

Everyone today I know books their own trips. I recently had a friend tell me they used a travel agent to book their trip. They said agents can help cut through the clutter and save you time. They can also act as personal advocate when things go wrong on your trip. Agents can also have access to special deals and upgrades you can’t access. Yes, you will be paying a small fee for their services but they said it’s worth it. Ask friends or family who they are using the next time you think of booking a trip.

Never Board A Plane Without These Things

16 Jul

I recently read an article by Codie Liermann, and she cited the essentials before you board a plan. I polled my travel friends, and they agreed.

Don’t leave for the airport without:

  • Neck Pillow – helps you sleep
  • Snacks – helps you don’t get hungry
  • Disinfectant Wipes – keeps area sanitized
  • Water Bottle – keeps you hydrated
  • Entertainment – be prepared with headphones or book if technical issues

Find The Cheapest and Best Flight

6 Apr

A friend of mine told me the other week they booked their travel through Google Flights. I discovered you can find plane tickets, track flights, and find the best fares on flight prices with Google Flights. You can also find out which airlines have bag fees and what currency you’ll need depending on where you are traveling.

If you are looking for a great way to book your flight, check out Google Flights.

App Allows You to Rent a Car On Demand

9 Apr

Do you need to rent a car? With Skurt you can rent a car whenever you need it. They will drop it off to you and pick it up wherever you desire. You’ve heard of Uber, the service that replaced taxis. Now meet Skurt, the service that replaces car rental agencies. 

Skurt is the app that lets you rent you a car instantly from your phone.

Travel Inspiration

26 Sep

Where do you want to travel next? If you’re looking for places to go and discover around the globe – then you need to check out Trip Buzz. Enter in a destination or theme you are thinking about, then let the site show you the way.

Best Site To Plan Your Travel

20 Nov

HipMunk is the best site to plan a trip because it has easy features that other sites of this nature don’t have. The site compares multiple flights, hotels and car rentals at once with the goal to find the lowest price. However the site defaults the search results screen to sort by agony. The agony sorting feature shows a users how many total stops and the length of layover time a flight has. A user can also sort by duration, take-off and landing. The site displays all this information in nice simple graph. Take advantage of the power of this site and book your next trip here.

Where Does Your City Rank?

18 Oct

What’s your city population? What professions do residents hold in your area? What building permits have been filed in your town? City-Data collects and analyzes data from numerous sources to create detailed, informative profiles of all cities in the United States. From school ratings to weather patterns, you can find the data you’re looking for on City-Data.

I also discovered the site also has information on restaurants, city guides and tourist attraction articles. If you want to lookup details on your city or one you are planning to visit, then check out this site.

The Wonders Of Google Translate App

10 Sep

I read about how the Google Translate App is now using Word Lens a few months ago – it’s where you hold up the app to text and it will automatically translate it to another language on the fly. However the other day, I actually saw the app used in front of my eyes and now I am a believer.

The experiment with the Google Translate App we attempted first was on a magazine – we did English to Spanish. The app had a few issues because the lighting needed to be just right to translate. The app also could only pick up specific text on the cover, however it worked 80% of the time. The real test was when I took the app outside and used it on a street sign – it worked exceptionally well translating!

Download the Google Translate App for Android and Apple; discover the wonders of the app for yourself!

Travel eBooks

8 Sep

Are you a member of AAA? Are you planning a trip to close out 2015? You should look at triple A’s website for some ideas. The site features eBooks for members and non-members you can download to your mobile device.

Download free eBooks for your mobile device for cities like:

  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Yosemite