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Ranker, I Don’t Even Know Her?

13 Oct

Do dream of top 10 lists? Why not make your vote count? At vote on lists of people, film, TV, music, sports, videos, and comics to name a few. List it. Rank it. Love it.

TV Boss – Ratings Information

12 Apr

Do you know the parental TV ratings? Each time a TV show begins the symbol flashes in the corner to help you to determine if a program is suitable for your child. Below are the current TV ratings. Also below are a few tips from the website regarding curbing your TV viewing habits.

TV Ratings

  • TY-Y – All Children
  • TV-Y7 – Directed to Older Children
  • TV-Y7-FV – Directed to Older Children
  • TV-G – General Audience
  • TV-PG – Parental Guidance Suggested
  • TV-14 – Parents Strongly Cautioned
  • TV-MA – Mature Audience Only

Household TV Viewing Habits

  • Lay the Groundwork
  • Choose Age-Appropiate Programs
  • Watch TV Together
  • Teach Responsible Viewing
  • Be a Good Role Model

Piggysalary – Salaries and Net Worth of Celebrities!

6 Jul

How much do celebrities make? If you are curious then you should browse Piggy Salary for the latest information. It seems a popular edition of Parade Magazine (the Sunday morning supplement to your newspaper not the heavy metal weekly) is showing you what celebrities rake in. Now an entire website is devoted to monitoring what Hollywood, athletes, politicians, musicians, etc… do with their piggy banks.

Box Office Mojo

15 Nov

I will always find it simply amazing when the point of reference from an “official news source” is directly from the internet. In this case, if you are looking for the latest numbers from the weekend box office or information on the latest movie releases then you need to discover Box Office Mojo. The site says, “it was created by movie analyst Brandon Gray in 1999 and has since grown into the No. 1 box office destination worldwide, currently averaging over 2 million unique visitors per month.”

Apple Movie Trailers

5 Oct

In the past, I typically browsed IMDB for movie trailers to get a glimpse what is on the horizon. I am now hooked on Apple’s movie trailers page. The page is constantly updated and works really well on mobile. Apple recently broke down the fall movie guide.

MovieClips: Worth The View

1 Jun

Summer Blockbusters are coming, where are you watching the trailers? Where do you go to watch your favorite clip from a movie? If you were like me, you would immediately go to YouTube and perform a search. However now MovieClips is delivering the latest trailers along with a collection of the best movie clips of all-time.  My favorite part of the website is the clip of the day. The site also takes two separate great scenes and combine them into one mashup!

A movie website created by movie fans!

Newsy — Video News Analysis

9 May

Is your attention span getting shorter and shorter every day? Do you even have time to read the news, yet alone watch the evening news? I recently discovered Newsy and I am enjoying watching their daily news analysis from my iPhone. Newsy was recently called the “Future of Mobile News” by the Huffington Post because it's that good!

Newsy digests the news for you. Their reporters take the latest news and narrow it down to what matters with their unique analysis. Watch news about world, U.S. politics, business, tech, entertainment, science fiction and sports.

Adbowl is Today

6 Feb

The SuperBowl featuring the Steelers and Packers is today However in recent years, more people seem to gather around the big screen to watch the commercials instead of the game. This year get in on voting for your favorite spots at Ad Bowl.

Vote today for your favorite ad. Now the website is celebrating its 10th year.

Is Oprah OWNing Up to Hype?

29 Jan

Is the verdict out on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)? Will OWN have as much impact on the world as Oprah's 25 season daily talk show? In the grand scheme of TV, new networks with this much hype do not happen every day. The ratings went through the roof when the channel debuted but then suddenly dropped. Is the network programming not what consumers expected? Are people expecting to see Oprah 24/7 on her own network? If you think about it, Oprah is on the cover of every single edition of her magazine. Oprah always appeared on her own show. So besides the promos and behind the scenes of season 25, is the network not connecting with it's audience?

Where you expecting to see more of Oprah on her OWN (pun intended) channel?

Free Movies @ Film Metro

27 Jul

Want to get into the hottest films before they are released? Here is a little secret. Film Metro is the online source for information about free movie screenings tickets. All you have to do is sign-up on the website and start getting alerts when movie screenings open up in your area. In the past, you””ve had to know someone or call hundreds of times you local radio station to win tickets. Now just sign-up online and start seeing the movies!

Steps to start seeing free movies:
1.Sign Up For A Free Account
2. Download Movie Passes
3. Enjoy Free Movie Screenings