Commentary: Stop Over-sized Ghosted TV Promos?

Since I am a social network addict, I don’t watch that much TV anymore, but when I do, I have started to track a trend. Have you noticed the size of the ghosted TV logos? These promos are either getting larger or they are animating out of control. In the past they used to just […]

Commentary: Tired of Social Media?

Everywhere you turn, whether if its on the six o’clock news or at sporting events, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn advertisements are posted. “Join us”, “Follow Us”, “Hit Us Up”, “Make Us Your Friend”, “Connect With Us” on the Internet is the message we continually hear from companies. Are we starting to reach the breaking […]

Milo Sees If Items Are Stocked

Do you need to see if an item is in stock at the store down the street? Instead of calling your local store, asking the clerk if a item is on the shelf and then waiting five minutes to hear it’s available, use Milo. Milo is a new web service that connects you with local […]

Where’s Your Twicsy At?

Have you used Twitpic yet? If not, now you have the opportunity to search through the thousands of images users are uploading to their Twitter accounts by using Twicsy. The best part of the website is the fact that you can now see all the images uploaded in the last hour. Above is an example […]

Stronger, Shorter, Faster URLs

How often do you have to send a long website address (URL) to a friend, such as a Google Map or a book you want to buy on Amazon? For example, here is the URL for a Malcolm Gladwell book I am contemplating purchasing, http://www.amazon.com/Outliers-Story-Success-Malcolm-Gladwell/dp/0316017922/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1248667532&sr=8-1. Here is the same URL using Bit.ly, http://bit.ly/vqI3p. In the […]

Must Text & Drive? Try This.

We here at Leading Hands do not condone texting while driving, however if you must text, try this combination. First purchase a Bluetooth headset and second get Dial2do. A low end model Bluetooth headset can cost you as little as $40 and high end model can cost as much as $150. Dial2Do is a free […]