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Celebrity Video Shout Outs

1 Mar

Looking to give some a special gift? Discover Cameo that delivers video messages from some of your favorite celebrities. CNN says they are “sort-of-famous celebs with Cameo.” Scroll through the site, find a celebrity, submit a message you’d like them to say, and pay their asking price.

What Does the Disney Fox Merger Mean?

7 May

Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox means that it now controls a huge amount of our most beloved films and television series. Announced in December 2017 and expected to take until at least 2021 to complete, this $66.1 billion deal ranks amongst the largest mergers of its kind in history.

Discover how the merger will affect everything from television and the cinema box office to streaming platforms and sports broadcasting with this comprehensive infographic.

See Best Of Flickr With Fluidr

1 Jan

Why sort through thousands of photos and videos each day on Flickr when Fluidr can do it for you? Fluidr delivers the most interesting photos and videos uploaded to Flickr in an easy interface. You can simply browse through the images or filter down what you would like to see. If you’ve used Flickr, you’ll discover Fluidr makes exploring photos a pleasant experience.

Ranker, I Don’t Even Know Her?

13 Oct

Do dream of top 10 lists? Why not make your vote count? At vote on lists of people, film, TV, music, sports, videos, and comics to name a few. List it. Rank it. Love it.

YouTube Pro Series

8 Aug

YouTube has launched a new video series for emerging creators. Hear the latest advice from top creators on building a sustainable career on YouTube and beyond. A new series will be released every month!

The first video series is live called “Working with Advertisers”. Expert Panelists answer your questions about pitching ideas and working with advertisers to created branded deals. Panelists include Dane Boedigheimer (realannoyingorange), Spencer Griffin (collegehumor), Kurt Hugo Schneider (KurtHugoSchneider), and Elle Walker (whatsupelle).

Watch the videos here

Eight Years of YouTube

22 Jun

Learn Something @ MIT TechTV

11 Aug

The other day I stumbled upon the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) online video channel and had I difficulty pulling myself away from the array of lectures and experiments there. I watched a lecture on Google algorithms, the creation of an advanced space suit and even watched Salsa lessons. All these videos truly give clear look into the lifestyle at MIT.

In this new era of online dominance, it’s time to shout “I Want My MIT TV.”

Plain English Video Series Rocks

6 Jun

Jason Therrien directed me to this website a few months back and since then, I can’t stop watching this channel. How many times have you been in a conversation and you asked someone to explain that in plain English? Denzel Washington in one of his murder investigation movies said to a suspect, “Talk to me as if I were a 5 year old.” In other words, explain to me a few easy sentences what you mean. Plain English by Common Craft takes any topic you can think of and breaks it down into 2 minute YouTube video a 5 year could understand.

Check out the Plain English YouTube Video Channel

Mashup For You, Mashup For Me

13 Mar

What is a mashup? I define a mashup as combining unique items together to achieve something dramatically different that is overly unique. This act of synthesis is currently driving the innovation of today’s technology. Think about when chocolate met peanut butter to create Reese’s cup.

Google maps combined old MapQuest technology with Ajax to create innovative maps. Microsoft took the versatility of Flash and combined it with .net to create SliverLight. Thur-You layers single YouTube clips over each other to form new music tracks.

George Nemeth twittered Thru-You, a mash-up by Kutiman, that is so unique it will make your head spin. This artist took the time to listen to individual video clips of musicians, find similarities and then combine the clips to make new music. I can’t stop listening.

More posts from Leading Hands about mash-ups are coming.

Expert Village: Video “How Tos”

1 Mar

Remember those Time Life books from the 1980s that taught you step by step instructions on how to remodel your bathroom or rebuild your deck? All you had to do was to call and order the series for 5 easy installments of just $19.95. Throw away those books and discover digital “how tos” by exploring Expert Village.

Expert Village is a YouTube channel that has over 12,000 thousand videos on how to do anything almost anything your heart desires. Learn how to bake a cake, play guitar, buy ski boots, plan a diet, design for print, give a massage, dress like a super star and much more.

Did you learn anything at Expert Village?