Trazzler, Tell Us Where To Go?

The other day Leading Hands gave you Hunch, a website that recommends books, movies, etc… based upon filling out a few questions. Now another service called Trazzler, recommends trips based on your location and travel personality; it seems that recommendation featured websites are all of a sudden becoming popular even though Amazon has been doing […]

Must Text & Drive? Try This.

We here at Leading Hands do not condone texting while driving, however if you must text, try this combination. First purchase a Bluetooth headset and second get Dial2do. A low end model Bluetooth headset can cost you as little as $40 and high end model can cost as much as $150. Dial2Do is a free […]

Bring on Web 3.0, What’s Next?

President Obama is revamping technology, so we should also plan to rebuild the information superhighway. We need a system that is measured in gigabtyles, not megabytes. The Great Depression jump started the roads in 1930s, this economic struggle could reignite information superhighway in the 2010s.  If a massive amount of investment is put into the […]

Mashup For You, Mashup For Me

What is a mashup? I define a mashup as combining unique items together to achieve something dramatically different that is overly unique. This act of synthesis is currently driving the innovation of today’s technology. Think about when chocolate met peanut butter to create Reese’s cup. Google maps combined old MapQuest technology with Ajax to create […]