Change Your Perspective Everyday

11 Jun

Don’t get stuck in a rut, think differently! You need to change your perspective everyday.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a training session with Chris D. and he did something extraordinary during the class. Each day he sat in a different spot in the room to get a different perspective. I truly didn’t notice what he was doing until a few days into the class, however his technique peaked my interest. His switching of seats made me think that this philosophy could transcend into many situations.

Ask yourself, why do you sit in the same seat each time you enter a weekly meeting? Why do you take the same way home every night from work? Why do you listen to the same music? Why do you eat at the same restaurants? Are your decisions based on sheer logic or because you are comfortable? You owe yourself the opportunity to switch it up.

In marketing terms, how are you thinking of your customers? Do you ever put yourself in their shoes? Do you look at your website from a mobile phone? Have you ever called into your call center to listen to the consumer experience?  All of these questions lead to the same conclusion, “Are you looking at situation from other perspectives?”

Sit in a different seat. View the room from a different angle. You will be surprised how a simple change can give you a different perspective.


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