Classifications of Facebookers

CNN recently did a classifications of the most annoying  Facebookers. Can you relate to any of these listed here? Do you have any to add?

  1. The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore.  – tell me more?
  2. The Self-Promoter. – every link to your blog (I am guilty of this one)
  3. The Friend-Padder. – 1000 friends?
  4. The Town Crier. – I can’t take who just died.
  5. The TMIer. – too much info
  6. The Bad Grammarian – I can’t spell
  7. The Sympathy-Baiter. – too much bad news
  8. The Lurker. – not much participation but they know alot about you
  9. The Crank. – complainers
  10. The Paparazzo. – constantly tagging posting photos
  11. The Obscurist. – not clear updates
  12. The Chronic Inviter. – constantly sending out group invites


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