Consumer Alert: AT&T Bundle

23 Aug

Have you noticed the new AT&T boxes popping up everywhere? These big refrigerator looking structures are now enabling cable service. If you are in the market to switch to the new AT&T cable service, read between the lines. Some friends of mine just purchased the new bundle that included telephone, internet, and cable, however they got blindsided.  Consumer tip: Make sure you read the fine print and ask the right questions before you sign-up for any service.

My friends already had AT&T for telephone and used TIME Warner for cable/Internet. Here’s what happened when they switched (good and bad):

  • Landline telephone service became Internet telephone
  • Need to buy special box for each TV
  • More channels than old service
  • Faster connection speed
  • Paying about same price

AT&T didn’t tell my friends about the extra boxes and downgrade to Internet telephone, so be aware consumers.

Do you have a similair story to tell?

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