Cool Email Signatures Galore

3 Aug

If you are like me, you’re primary form of communication is electronic, which is either text or email. Currently, I am more of an email kind of guy and at the bottom of every email, you generally have a signature. Most companies expect you to create a standard signature that lists your name, title, email, phone, fax and website details. However, when it comes to your personal email address signature, I have noticed that most people don’t customize it. If you are looking for a creative email signature, then you must check out Cool Sig.

The website has been online for almost 15 years and over that time has grown into the largest repository of email signature ideas. Are you a Star Wars fan? Perhaps you want a proverbial signature? Whether you are interested in sports, romance or beer, then swing over and get an original email signature at Cool Sig. If you are not sure how to add an email signature, then follow this handy install your email signature guide.

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