Death by Text, Look Up Or Die?

26 Apr

The other day I almost witnessed a death by text. I waiting at a light at a crosswalk and the guy next to me was busy looking down sending a text message. The pedestrian didn’t bother to look up and just starting crossing the street. I noticed a SUV was traveling right toward the guy and the driver had a phone perched on his steering wheel and was looking down at it. I yelled out, but the pedestrian didn’t flinch and at the last second, the driver looked up and slammed on their brakes. Even though the pedestrian wasn’t looking, if the driver struck the pedestrian, they would be at fault.

Last week Cleveland City Council passed a law that makes text messaging illegal while driving a vehicle; I found it interesting since there is a current law that prohibits doing anything distracting while driving. If you look around in today’s world, everyone is looking down texting, answering a call or playing a game on their phone. I realize that everyone needs to stay connected, but aren’t there actions like crossing a street, driving a car or operating a wood chipper when you should yield from using your phone? Unless it’s an emergency, shouldn’t you make time to look up from your phone at important moments. If you don’t look up, it may cost you your life one day.

Do you think texting while driving should be illegal? Are there times when it’s OK?

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