Dial2Do: Hands-free Text Alternative

Last year Leading Hands recommended Jott, a service that will translate your voice message into text and then email it to an individual on your contact list. With more and more text messaging accidents on the rise, the need for more “hands-free” alternatives is imperative.

The other day I discovered “Dial 2 Do”, a service that will translate your voice into to text message. However the free translation service gives you the option to not only email it, but you can update your Twitter account or even send a text message. You can even set it up to listen to your emails.

Review: With any voice to text translation service from time to time it has issues understanding certain words and there is mis-interpretation. However as you continue to use the service, you can build your own unique vocabulary the system will understand. If you must text while driving, then this service is for you.


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