Digital Footprint

1 Mar

Do you realize every time you send an email, instant message, post a blog or video, it’s digitally captured forever? This action is your digital footprint.

According to recent poll, 60% of Americans under 20 years old have a profile on YouTube. Today kids are posting their outrageous video clips on YouTube looking to be the next star of the internet. They are filming themselves riding their bikes off roofs into swimming pools and performing a host of outrageous stunts. These videos will exist in some shape or form indefinitely. I think most people are only thinking of the short term and not thinking of the long-term ramifications of their actions. Remember that even the email you are sending to your fellow co-worker could be captured as evidence of your integrity. Be careful what you send and post on the internet; the future is yet to be written.

Do you think the Internet is encouraging children to be exhibitionists because we are rewarding their behavior?

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