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Have you ever received an email that seemed questionable? For example, pass this email on to all your friends and join us on this date to boycott a certain product. Have you ever received a telephone call from a telemarketer that seemed probing and afterward realized you’ve divulged too much information? Find out on Snopes if what just happened to you is a scam, rumor or urban legend.

Snopes is the myth buster of the Internet. If you’ve just experienced something that just seemed too good to be real, then this is the website to get to the bottom of things. Snopes uses a rating system of true, false, multiple truth values, undetermined and unclassifiable veracity.

Whether you are interested in finding out the truth about Sarah Palin or if the Post Card Virus is real, then explore this site. For years, there was an urban legend that Mikey, the kid from Life Cereal, died from drinking Coke and eating Pop Rocks at the same time; this is false. Explore topics in Religion, Music, Politics, Movies, History, Travel, Weddings, Sports, Legal, Computers, Business and Cokelore at Snopes.

What is Snopes?

  • Find out if what you’ve heard is True or False
  • Discover Urban Legends
  • Internet Myth Buster

Dispel the rumors that are running wild in your head at Snopes!

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