Do you FURL?

6 Sep

Today, I was at my local library and in my usual fashion I was admiring the design of some new brochures that were on display. One read, “Do you FURL?”. All I could think of was Don Knots character Ralph Furley from Three’s Company. Please forgive me as I digress. I attempted to decipher what a FURL was, but I still wasn’t sure from the explanation on the brochure.

I walked up to the reference desk to inquire about FURL and to my dismay they really weren’t sure either. So I logged on to the site and discovered that a FURL is like a blog, but for librarians. Everyday a group of librarians post interesting links and new stories on an array of subjects on their website.

Here’s what the site says, “Librarians at Cuyahoga Public Library have saved valuable and interesting news, web sites, and other online information to FURL in the following areas: Health & Medicine, Education, Genealogy and Music.”

Do you FURL? Explore a new way of receiving information online

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