Dodgeball Phone Tracker

26 Oct

In my opinion, Dodgeball is a website that is social networking on steroids. The purpose of this service is to easily connect with your friends, make new friends and just hang out. The site connects virtual world to real world.

Imagine getting a text message immediately to your mobile phone when a friend is within 5 miles of your current location. The text message will tell you the name of your friend, the establishment they are at and pinpoint their location.

This mobile connection site also takes social networking to the next level by indicating if you are close to a friend of friend. The same statistics are displayed on your phone which are name and location. The site also has a third classification as “Crushes”. These are people you really don’t know at all, but you’ve tagged their online profile as a “Crush” and you’re interested in meeting them. If the “Crush” is nearby you’ll get a text of their location.

I think this is a good tool if used responsibly because there are features like being able to text all your friends at once. However, like anything else, I can see this technology being used incorrectly in the wrong hands. Dodgeball is free and standard text messaging fees do apply. It is currently available in 22 cities.

Would you use this service? Do you think this service is a threat to teen safety?

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